upRISING: NYC – Don’t Be Fooled!: True Light and the False Prophet

Posted: July 9, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

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OPPT NYC: RELOADED – Uniting A City In Action
Don’t Be Fooled!: True Light and the False Prophet
07/02/13 10:16, by thegsolution, Categories: News, Useful Info, Clarifications

I understand that this blog has a diverse audience.  Some readers have been following the planetary situation for quite some time and for some the information found here is completely new.  With this in mind and heart, this post is my sincere attempt to provide a simplified explanation of where we are at the moment.  Hopefully this will get newbies up to speed quickly and maybe clarify some things for others.  Either way, this is my contribution for the greater good of all.

There has been a lot of talk around the globe about the grand shift that is supposed to occur at right about this point in Earth’s evolution.  There is also talk about the individual shifts going on with each soul on the planent.  The aspects of these external/internal shifts have taken several manifestations over the recent years in how it is percieved in the public eye.  There are those who chose an alternative approach that follow conspiracies, channelings, UFO sightings, and esoteric/New Age teachings.  There are also those that genuinely wish to initiate positive change but take a more traditional approach by writing to their officials, maybe starting a cause or charity, enlist in service, or volunteer in their communities. (Lets not be rigid, I understand people can be in both groups.)  Both of these groups usually meet up with like minded individuals to accomplish their vision together. Some succeed and some don’t.  Over the recent years both groups and their sub-groups have relayed information to the public pertaining to great changes during this time.

In my opinion the alternative group are very open minded to ideas and solutions about the current  woes of starvation, corruption, invasion of privacy, and debt-slavery that plague our world.  The traditional group feel that change is possible but can only happen realistically from within the system.   The alternative group would like to see the so-called “prosperity packages” released, open contact with galactic and higher dimensional beings, exchange of knowledge and technology, along with development of a fair, balanced and harmonious society.  Some seek enlightenment and transformation into their fully conscious multi-dimensional selves.  The traditional group has also identified financial corruption as a major threat to our future and work to enact financial reforms such as Basel III and the like.   There is a higher level to both of these groups and sub groups.  Members of these higher levels have disclosed information claiming that we are slaves to an energetic/financial matrix.

Conspiracy researchers have been investigating many different conspiracies.  Some get caught up in one particular case and others see the web of conspiracies that surrounds us.  Many fail to recognize the point of all the division within the conspiracy world, whether you’re involved in one or just a researcher.  All conspiracies on this planet have been used to cover up the absolute truth that we are the Creator.  We are God.  We are Source.  Whatever label you want to give it.  AT THE CORE OF IT ALL, THE PEOPLE OF EARTH ARE ENSHROUDED IN A SPIRITUAL (INTERDIMENSIONAL) CONSPIRACY THAT HAS ROBBED THE PEOPLE OF THEIR IDENTITY, HISTORY, AND DIRECT CONNECTION WITH SOURCE.    This is the primary source of all “evil” on this planet.  All other conspiracies were developed to hide or misdirect attention from this truth.

For example, the pedophilia conspiracy comes from the fact that in order to spiritually disconnect and fool an entire planet a lot of energy is required.  In many instances  that energy is taken from children that are kidnapped and turned into sex slaves. During rituals the energy of the child is offered to “dark” astral beings while sexual acts are performed.  These Astral beings(4D) in return provide information and advice on how to setup, use and operate a planetary control matrix(The Veil).  Remember in previous posts when I said that the Vatican is currently operating this matrix to control Earth’s population.  This makes sense in light of all the pedophiles we know lurking within the Catholic church.  This is what happens to many children who go missing and are never found.   This is also a means of recruitment.  Due to the child’s exposure to sexual behavior at a very early age, guilt is implanted in the pysche of the child which makes them easier to control as they grow up and later as an adult.  A lot of these children are even groomed for positions of power in the future.  This explains why so many in positions of power have no compassion for their fellow human being, that type of love was robbed from them at a very early age.  We should have compassion for these individuals yet at the same time should not allow their uncompassionate acts to continue.

The Illuminati/New World Order conspiracy has the agenda of completely manifesting this control matrix on this physical planet(3D).  This sophisticated plan has been examined from many angles and picked apart.  The planners of it were so confident with one remarking that the people are so [spiritually] blind, they will ask for it.  Since this is a SPIRITUAL conspiracy after all, it would make sense that so many “light-workers” are confused at this time.  Many are waiting for the “moment of transition” to the new age and/or the “bridge tools” to get there.  This is a passive action which leaves them blindly polarized in duality.   Many are caught up in the definitions of value and how we can exchange it while overlooking the aspects of power and force. Many still want to play with banks and evolve the system while forgetting the system isn’t necessary if we are to return to our fully conscious creator selves.  Banking is not compatible with 5D in any way.

Power just IS. Force is the manifestation of power.  Both words are neutral without any attachments to light/dark, good/evil, etc.  It is a function of Creation itself.  Force is not about ursurping free will as false prophets would declare.  Force at a 3D level is simply the energy you put in to achieve your goals.  You use your power, your life force energy to accomplish tasks in your life to have the experiences you wish to have for yourself.    Unfortunately that power is siphoned off by many claiming to be of the light.  You can tell who they are especially if all they preach is peace and pacifism(3D Light).  Many are walking to the side of light while giving up their power(value) to balance the darkness they ignore.

The illusion of “Light” and “Dark” will always exist at the 3D level for that was its function (separation).   In the universe, “light” is used as metaphor for those with knowledge/wisdom and “dark” for those without it.   5D is the integration of all aspects “light/good” and “dark/evil” in unconditionally acceptance.  Its about you knowing exactly what to do at the exact moment without judgement for the greater expansion of all.   This is harmony.  This is true light, the light this universe is made of.    This is where many channelers get their messages mixed.  It is this astral word play that leaves everyone confused and pacified.  This is the 4D infiltration and manipulation in the new age/light-worker circles.  They are still polarized to one extreme.   Its not about turning the other cheek if one gets slapped, it’s about not allowing yourself to get slapped in the first place or anymore.

The only way the people have collectively balanced the “darkness” of their times was with a show of force the way Brazil, Egypt, Japan, Bulgaria, and many countries across the world are demonstrating today.  This sometimes happens peacefully and sometimes it doesn’t.  However, at this time in our history it is again necessary to rise up and face those of us that wish to maintain this system of separation.  They are the Vatican/Illuminati cabal and their supporters through churches, governments and banks.  Once we tear down their matrix, everyone will have everything they need as we are the one and only Creator and the need for physical exchanges will be irrelevant as we will instantly manifest our thoughts and desires in 5D and higher.  True freedom.




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