Richmond, KY, Holly Springs, NC and Baltimore, MD – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour

Posted: July 4, 2013 in NEWS, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

June 30 – Richmond, KY

Sheri Gordon and her family were gracious to open their home to me on June 30 in Richmond Kentucky.  It was a beautiful event, challenging, yet satisfying!  It was really Sheri’s “Coming Out-Energetically Party” to the Ones she Loves the most…


Within minutes of my arriving, Sheri and I were on the porch sharing and getting to know one another.  As she shared with me the energetic changes that are taking place within her, she mentioned the energetic connection she had with Lisa Harrison and Bob Wright.

I asked her if she wanted to talk to Bob and we called Bob and had about a 30 minute conversation about how she had connected with them.  Bob was very gracious taking the time to share and to connect with her.  She has a strong desire to get involve with Bob in the Healing Centers he has discussed on the One People and Conscious Imagination shows.  She will be driving to attend the July 10 “Let’s Pull Together” event in Wilkes-Barre.


Thank you Sheri and I know our connection is going to be continuing not only during the tour but also into the many moments of Now!


July 1 – Holly Springs, NC

Kelly of the Family Killian is a beautiful person inside and out!  She had an old friend make a 4-hour trip from the North Carolina coast to attend and another Facebook/OPPT contact that has been following since the Official Announcement on Christmas Day.


Sheri and Bob

We had a wonderful time sharing among one another.  It was again a very good energetic event. We listened to The One People Show and discussed with excitement the probabilities of accessing our value.  Below is a short synopsis from Sheri:

Hey Angel:

Thank you so much for making North Carolina part of your “Let’s Pull Together Ride” .  What a great time had by all!!!  It is so neat to see each of us having our on separate road (medical, financial, spiritual….), yet we are all seeking the same goal and destiny.

The energy we created Monday night has not left this space or me.  Your laughter is still here and your presence.  The work we are doing is holding the space and it is incredible.

So glad you are part of my soul family brother.

Much Gratitude, Peace, Love and Light,


July 2 – Baltimore, MD
Dan Witt went the full mile!  Twelve of us came together at the Brewers Hill for a time of sharing and education.  Many there were friend of Dan and they had some knowledge of the One People’s Public Trust.  I believe many minds and mostly hearts were changed by the sharing among all of us that dynamic evening.
Dan and Buddy
We were there over six hours inside and outside the pub!  Many others just walking down the street were pulled in to the conversation and the energy that was being generated be each of us.
Judy Vancil Jandora drove up with a friend to participate in the event.  Judy has just started the In-Joy Show on Wednesday evening.
I tried connecting to the show 5 times on July 3rd but my connection by phone was poor.  When I finally got in the cue to talk, Brian Kelly and Bob Wright where getting off and Judy had to reconnect to talk with Julian Wells.  I still want to try to connect with you next week Judy!
Buddy, Dennis, Judy and Jerry in Baltimore
Dennis came quite a distance also to participate in the event.  He has been following OPPT since the beginning and also following Streets of Love – unconventional.
Jerry, from Costa Rica, and I made a connection and I will be going there with him to educate the people of that beautiful nation in the OPPT and how to access our eternal value!  I Am looking forward to that day.
Jerry, Bob, Dan, Angel, Greg, Judy, Buddy and Dennis (4 or 5 more were inside)
I know that we not only to changed the energetics of Baltimore but also that of the the whole foreclosed state of Maryland and possibly Washington DC.  This event will be spoken of and shared by those involved in the many moments of Now!
If you have opportunity to attend the “Let’s Pull Together” Tour in the 12 cities left, please do, you’ll not regret it!  I know it will change your life!

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