Memphis – The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour – by Bill Moore

Posted: July 4, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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The first stop of the One People – “Lets Pull Together” Tour in Memphis was a perfect confirmation of what happens when like minded lights come together. Two weeks notice and both myself and Jason were out of town the week prior, which left us almost unable to plan anything. I got over the idea of needing a space pretty quickly and Angel never had any expectations to begin with. It seemed he was happy to meet us and have decent accommodations.


Jason and Bill at the Madison

Angel brought perfect weather to Memphis and we created more of the same for the next couple days. The week before it was in the mid to high nineties the entire week and humid. The first day, skies were clear blue with little humidity and 92 degrees. The next day we had perfectly clear skies, puffy clouds and an unseasonably mild 89 degree temperature putting us in heaven and smiles on our faces.


Angel and Bill on the Rooftop

The weekend was no different than old friends getting together going out and seeing the sights. The only difference was people were saying hi to us everywhere we went so it was really easy to tell them about the trust that they are apart of and hand them a business card size reference for further research. It’s really empowering telling people that the corruption at the highest levels has been documented addressed and remedied.


We met, shared stories and laughed with a great many people in 48 hours. We basically went out on the town and shared smiles and information everywhere we went. The Madison Hotel rooftop we were at for awhile offered great views but we got warm In the sun and didn’t feel like waiting until sunset to move on.

The next day Jason and his wife Rachel met Angel and I at a small farmers market in midtown. We passed out foreclosure flyers and business cards. We basically lit the place up another notch and after we were about done the guy we first gave a flyer to decided to tell us that we can’t pass those out there. We didn’t want it back so we made him keep it.


Bill, Rachel, Jason and Angel

We decided to go to the downtown farmers market after that which is much larger and also has musical entertainment as well. In this case a sultry, seductive and perhaps a bit sassy and oh so smooth bluesy, beautifully dressed female vocalist with an electic guitar to accompanying her.  Did I mention she had a really sweet voice too? We ran out of flyers and cards pretty quick at this venue but enjoyed our time there as the sights, sounds and smells did not disappoint and neither did the receptive people we shared with.

We shared the evening with my best friend and his wife over some spicy Jamaican fusion food. They took to Angel pretty quickly and we headed back to my place for more laughs on the deck as the local hot spots were so crowded we couldn’t even find a place to park. It was a whirlwind weekend that felt like home.


Amy, Glenn and Angel

Connections were made, energies shared and spirits soared. What more can we ask for? What a great way to kick off The Lets Pull Together Tour.


Thank you Bill for taking the time to share the experience that we all shared in Memphis!



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