Conscious Business Understands The Cycle of Consciousness

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, Currency/Value Systems, CVACs, NEWS
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For centuries we have lived through social and generational fear based conditioning creating a world in contraction, not expansion.

Now, those in the corporate world might be thinking what does this have to do with the economy and business?


For centuries we have lived through social and generational fear based conditioning creating a world, which saw the rise of the false beliefs, that success meant climbing the corporate ladder, material baggage to justify statues or cut throat competition. All of this perpetuated lack and contraction and led to the imbalance of masculine energy in relation to feminine energy.

Before you point the finger at guys, this is not a ‘male’ thing!, we exist, whether female or male with both feminine and masculine energy. However the balance has been put out of kilter for many hundreds of years as men took dominance in societies through ego, control, money and power, fed from fear based conditioning.

We have now evidenced the results of this through war for profit, corporate greed, corrupt governments, pharmaceutical giants making people ill to make more money, decaying and fear based education systems. All used to take the worlds population focus off their true self power, through contribution and service to others.

As with all things in the physical realm, there is always duality and balance is now being restored.

The time is NOW!

We experience the end of one world and the beginning of another, not as many misperceived was the end of the world in the Mayan Calender, instead it is the energetic, evolutionary move into lighter density for the physical realm.

What does this mean for the business world?

It is the evolvement of the ‘new style’ workplace is for a higher level of consciousness. Where we begin to wake up and remember what we are and why we are here. It is about supporting, nurturing and caring. Letting go of the old, decaying models of selling and moving to giving not taking: which means business now focusing on the people and relationships not the money.

This is not a radical new move, all that has happened, is a conscious awakening across the planet, in understanding our power all comes from within, on an individual level allowing us to comprehend our interconnectedness and interdependence on everything in the physical world. There is no separation and the true meaning of contribution and service shows this very clearly.

Not a charity justifier!

As we release ourselves from centuries of control, misperceptions and ‘spin’ we let go of the a fear based reality. Contribution and service is NOT giving a few coins to your favourite charity on each pay day, to alleviate your moral conscience; neither is it, as is so widely and falsely believed, giving of time or service for free. Contribution and service is a way of life and fundamentally tied into every individuals self worth.

What happens energetically in contribution and service
Contribution and service is our mirror to ourselves. Energetically, it is our first real awareness of our connection to everything and everyone. We live in an energetic universe, created as a by product of the consciousness we truly are and we ARE all the one consciousness, expressed as myriads of facets in the physical realm.

So if you choose to dis empower others, as everything and everyone is interconnected as consciousness, you disempower yourself. Similarly:
When you praise others, you praise yourself
When you honour others, you honour yourself
When you love others, you love yourself

There is no separation and your every action, thought, word and belief reflects back…you.

All of your external experiences are the result of your internal beliefs.

Yet contribution and service to others, is only half of the cycle of consciousness. In coming into full awakening and awareness of our conscious being, can only happen when we understand the full cycle.

It is in the accepting and receiving of contribution and service BY others to YOU, that you finally let go of resistance, of the fear of self worth and allow all flow to come to you. This is a crucial aspect of the full flow of contribution and service, as your accepting and receiving is other people’s contribution and service to others. There is no separation, just the full abundant cycle of consciousness in full flow.

Through those who have been evolving ‘consciously’, powerful energies have now made manifest, through opportunities and collaborations heralding the new conscious sustainability models in all business, financial and spiritual matters.

This is the new age of business, not through fear based selling, through communication and collaboration, through contribution and service, this IS the new economy!




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