One People show – June 17th (US)/18th (Australia) – Ginger’s Summary

Posted: June 18, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

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5d_media_network4[Kp note: I’m posting this because I feel this is important. Have not listened, yet. But I “get” that this is important… especially after the Shasta mission.]


One People show – June 17th (US)/18th (Australia) – Ginger’s Summary

Will begin with how Lisa ended this show with her stating . . . “we are on the threshold of explosive creating” . . . because for me, it not only best sums up the show, but what I and many of us are feeling and knowing . . . during these end of days battle for human consciousness.

This was a very important show because, in general it began to address how both Project XIII and the I-UV exchange will be a bridge in a practical way . . . as well as Heather at beginning of show, outlining it in both a practical, and embodiments value . …

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