The One People Show – 6/3-4/13… Ginger’s Notes, Show Link

Posted: June 4, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)


Kauilapele's Blog

5d_media_network3One People show – June 3rd (US)/4th (Australia) – 2.5 hours – Ginger’s Notes

The show begins with Bob Wright . . .
Now on location in Ethiopia with a purported bogus group, having abandoned his leaderless scammed country, now bush-whacking through steamy desert jungles, chased by FBI revolutionary without-cause upstarts, NOT to be trusted! . . . LOL . . .

. . . whom essentially states,
gasping for air briefly on show . . . if you are NOT having FUN, despite your personal circumstances right now . . . it’s time to reconsider your perceptions! . . . swat! . . . mosquitoes are especially nasty here, having fun!
(ps – I so love you Dear Ben and Drake! – GS!)

– The only thing new announced on the show today was that the I-UV Exchange will have a new way to contract you can use…

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