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Published on May 29, 2013

Freedom Central was delighted to receive Allfaaraa and Shawn Clark’s long awaited book. After having initially been privy to the very first draft, I was invested and determined to encourage this information to take on a more readable format. After much hard work, the book is done, and what a triumph it is.

As I was quoted in the book’s opening page as saying: “The difference between Allfaaraa and most other spiritual teachers is that Allfaaraa is uniquely focused on the true nature of spiritual reality”

What an honor it is to have come to know Allfaaraa and his teachings. I am forever grateful to the entire RAISE THE PLANET team for their efforts in bringing this wonderful work to humanity. Thank you to all those who contributed in some way to help the work of Alf get to a greater audience. The world would be a much better place without all the confusion. Thanks and respects always to those who stand in the light of truth.

If you only read one book, make sure it is this one. It gets the basics of reality into place so that all other knowledge will make more sense.



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