THE ONE PEOPLE show – May 27th (US) / 28th (Australia) – Ginger’s Notes

Posted: May 28, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

PROJECT XIII and I-UV Exchange


Recently Caleb was exhausted, so he had to pull back for a few days to rest and is now back on it all . . . the iPhone app and Windows mobile app is virtually ready to go now . . . and all is looking to be launched around June 1st. And in the coming weeks, there will be discussions around trigger points enabling mainstream to see the I-UV Exchange, as well as “the CVACs.”


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5d_media_network2THE ONE PEOPLE show – May 27th (US) / 28th (Australia) – Ginger’s Notes

Since there are nearly ten One People’s ground crew in Morocco (and all with their kids) combined with the fact that they have to be on the show between 1-3 am in the morning now! . . . it’s a bit challenging . . .

Plus, as I listened to last week’s Collective Imagination show and today’s show, it really feels to me that there is not a lot new to share with listeners (other than what they already have in the past shows, so good for newbies) . . . AND because . . . it is already DONE!

However, I highly recommend listening to this show because I felt very connected with everyone in Morocco upon a wide band of rich emotions, and it was all beautiful . . .

Also in the…

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