Information Regarding I-U/V and Project XIII

Posted: May 26, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

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– BOTH the Project XIII and IUV Exchange will be highly secured on the internet with the highest encryption codes possible . . . it is a completely new way of handling data . . . data will never stay on the server, and if you want to delete something, it will be automatically deleted everywhere globally (except where backups offline) . . . our I-UValue can never be stolen, monetized, harvested or monitored . . . other devices, like an iPhone, is where the IUV Exchanges can be made and stored like a virtual transportable hard drive . . . AND you will own all your own data, being fully responsible for it all.
– The Project XIII platform will be a completely new form of social media . . . and so much MORE . . . mainly because, it will be for all the one people to create all they need . . . only limited by one’s imagination . . . with all ideas to be submitted to Caleb and crew to implement . . . there will be a small monthly contribution like $1 per month to support on-going development . . . and will launch on Mac and PC, using Silverlight.
– The I-UV Exchange will be separate from the Project XIII platform . . . and the easiest, therefore, first device to utilize the I-UV Exchange data will be the iPhone (Androids will be another month out or so, and nothing on Linux yet) . . . more clarifications to come.
– This is the beginning of THE END of the harvesting of humanity, and THE BEGINNING of our now taking full control and responsibility for our own energy and Value of who really BE here . . . Eternal Essence Embodied – ABSENT LIMITATIONS – Co-Creators Pure-Heart Embodiments . . . most fully experiencing utilizing ALL Source Energies within each of us . . . in Absolute Gaia Alignment Integrity.
– ALL this technology when launched, will belong solely to the One People of Mother Earth . . . this is the first platform for a whole new system of Self-governance . . . By The People and For the People of Earth . . . If we want to assist in being free as a collective we need to first withdraw our energy from being harvested . . . then stop using the banks whenever possible . . . instead, use our I-UV for exchange of a product or service creatively . . . show others how they can access their own I-UV Exchange Value . . . so by example . . . paying it forward globally . . . and to never stop imagining/dreaming-in all the endless possibilities . . . with our I-UV Exchange Absent Limitations? and how to with our Project XIII page? . . . to assist others? . . . to assist Mother Earth? . . . to live a FUN balanced highly heart-based creative life? . . . and how would I want this to work? . . . and send your ideas to Caleb and team . . . as they will keep adding onto the platform . . . in priority and as appropriate.

WHEN WILL THE Project XIII AND I-UV EXCHANGE LAUNCH LIVE ? . . . Even though Mark stated on show that “the Project XIII will be June 1st and the I-UV Exchange sometime later” . . . I know for a fact, Caleb and team is seriously aiming for both to be launched before this month is over.


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The One People Common Law Unity Portal

Skype update regarding project XIII from Mark Hoza sharing his perspective.

[5/24/13 5:57:38 AM] mark hoza: ==============

The June 1st launch target comes from the fact that the iPhone App will add to the iTunes App Store on 1 June. The things that will be launched at the same time, to keep it tidy, are:

1) The iPhone/iPad App
2) The Windows Mobile App
3) The Silverlight program for Windows PC, and Mac OS
(computers, not the mobile phones)

4) The VEXS (Virtual Extension of Self) Protocol website
(just to share the philosophy behind Project 13 and the way it handles your data)

5) The Project 13 website to give people a way to register as a Project 13 user
(which will cost 1 unit of money per month – ex: US$1, AUD$1, 1 Frank, 1DuetschMark, 1 etc etc, but initially it will be US$1 per month until others are added)
and the Apps will be free Apps.

So you will be able to use your account on a couple of phones and any number of computers that run the Project 13 platform/software.

The mechanics of what we need it to do will be firmed up this next week or so, and then Caleb and his Dev. teams will add what we need into the Project 13 Apps.

Answering the “how & how certain are you” questions . . .

which is I’m working to understand the HOW TO part of that.

I can tell you that I believe that it is going to be available to us on the 1 June launch, but I don’t yet see how we will do it, exactly. Now, please be mature enough to deal with the uncertainty. This is my room, from my perspective. If I was certain I would describe what I see, but I am not, so know that I am working to become certain and then will share as I comprehend.

mark hoza: I can see Heather being everything that she has appeared to be.



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    Thanks Angel…

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  3. nothing new as far as we can see. just a money maker for caleb.

    • Gary, the changes we are all manifesting is new for all of us. Changes are upon us and we have the opportunity to create the world we desire and those type of changes take time. Bringing down a corrupt system that has been operating for so long is not easy. I don’t have a problem with $1 mo, it is what it is and I’m sure this is his only project at the moment. I have no income right now and that’s by choice. Part of my “fuck the corrupt system” attitude that I have. I do much but at no cost. Occasionally I work for FRNs because I’m dealing with a system that requires them for stuff. Anyway, stay positive Bro, and try to be a positive influence with yourself and those who are working to change our world in a positive way. We must be patient and supportive even financial if it is needed and for the greater good! We’re almost there! Later

  4. I love what is happening with project X111 and I-UV Exchange..
    To me this is making a difference.
    $1 cost to Caleb is for real in this system we find ourselves in.
    Nay sayer’s… you get real.
    Is it going to be perfect… For sure not… But getting their step by step.
    Peace and blessing to all that are proactive and being and doing.

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