American B.A.R. Association – Lawyers’ Union – By Judge Dale, Retired

Posted: May 24, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

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The American B.A.R. Association is a ‘Lawyer’s Union’ and its members are working in collusion with the European Royal and Elite to systematically undermine America. BAR Attorneys are ‘Agents of a Foreign Power’ who swear allegiance to that Foreign Power:
  • The Queen of England
which is why an Attorney must file a written ‘Notice of  Appearance’ in every court case he represents. By that Notice, the attorney is admitting to the Court that he is a ‘Foreign Agent’ and that he is requesting permission to represent you in that Court. Did you ever wonder why Attorney’s display an air of arrogance about them and generally only associate with other Attorney’s?  Well, it’s because they are that arrogant and believe that they are superior! They rarely associate with non-attorney because they all have something in common and could be executed for Treason!
Remember the proverb:

 “Birds of a feather; flock together” 
Seems like a good object lesson for Police Officers to remember too!
The same Notice of Appearance, states that you have given your lawyer an irrevocable power of attorney, which is always used against your best interest! The lawyer cannot represent you without a power of attorney because he is a foreign agent. Lawyers will never admit this and will always contend that they are Officers of the Court, which means absolutely nothing.If you recall, the Court has NO jurisdiction over anyone until we give it jurisdiction by our CONSENT! Definite ways to grant consent includes:
  • Contesting a suit
  • Ignoring its process 
  • By hiring a Lawyer

Few attorneys will ever admit any of these short comings or will ever tell you the whole truth. Is it any wonder that Jesus Christ:

‘Warned us not to trust lawyers or the money changers!’ 

If you hire a Lawyer and give him your Power of Attorney, he will confess in his Notice of Appearance that the Court now has jurisdiction over you and that you will abide by whatever demands and judgments the Court imposes upon you! So much for winning any jurisdictional appeal! The acronym:B.A.R., stands for British Accreditation System.  All American lawyers, upon admission to the B.A.R., swear allegiance to the Queen and also swear to obey the Laws of God! Therefore, all practicing members of the American B.A.R. have violated their oaths by complying with and enforcing man-made legislation! They all have committed Treason by utilizing America’s Courts when they have surrendered their citizenship and swore allegiance to a foreign Monarch. All of their actions are about undermining America for money and position.

Treason, greed and fraud compounded by more fraud! 


The American B.A.R. Association, is actually a branch of the National Lawyers Guild Communist Party, which can only be located in the hardcopy printing of 28 USC 3002, section 15a. The on-line version of Title 28USC has been altered to read something entirely different, apparently because this fact has shown up in too many private court petitions and private memorandums of law.



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    This is a Rod Class hoax. This hoax is fully explained in comment FIVE (5) here. Remember, comment FIVE (5).

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