RTS – How Did We Become the Evil Empire?

Posted: May 17, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

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This is a long article and I wanted to highlight a paragraph from the story. The basic thrust of the story is introduced by the author.

This story is based on my fathers life experiences, his entire life history, the challenges, accomplishments and discoveries throughout his entire life … an entire lifetime window of wisdom is now opening with the writing of this letter.

– by “A light warrior”


Make sure you take time to read the entire story, it is really that good!


At the very end of the last row was a pile boxes. There were some strange packages, wrapped in big black plastic bags and wrapped with tape all around, 8 packages in total, all looked alike. I opened a couple to check what was inside but I could not figure it out, it was a strange white powder I had never seen before. When I asked father he immediately got nervous and stayed quiet trying to figure out what to say, he finally say it was a chemical he used in some “invention” of his.

I knew all about Fathers projects and there was not a project that required material such as I found, father was an awful liar, he never did lie, so when he tried it, it was a futile effort that always led to the final truth, so he finally quit trying and confessed to me, “It is cocaine!”  Ten kilos in each pack, 8×10=80 kg of cocaine in our basement! But why? How did 80 kilos of cocaine ended up under our home? He sat in his bar, look under the burgundy wine section and open a bottle of Bordeaux, then offered me a cup, sat next to me and confessed the following, “Son, there is no war on drugs, but war on drug lords, it has always been that way, for hundreds of years since the British “West Indies Company” flooded China with opium and destroyed generations of Chinese families until today. It is still happening as nothing has changed!

My own Father worked for it his entire life!  He said, “It is us who control the drug industry, just go drive down the road for a mile and you will see at least one DRUG store, see! It is so boldly embedded in our culture we fail to notice the obvious anymore, it is there, up in our faces, right before everyone eyes, but we have mastered the art of the LIE to the point that the best way to keep the lie as fiction is to put it out in the open for everyone to see, because we know lies must be hidden, it could not possibly be on the open for everyone to see! All drugs that we now know infest the lives and minds of our youths were created somewhere in a Western laboratory, but we don’t have makeshifts drug labs in America any more, that is small time change, we industrialize it and now call it pharmaceutical industry!

The government leaders are in it, so are the police departments, and we, the CIA, are the ones who run it for the leaders. I found out all of this at the end of my intelligence career that is the main reason why I have slipped out and left. While I was touring south and central America in the name of democracy, I saw the whole game, the wars in Central and South America were never about communism but about drug wars and land control. The wars were about the control of the supply, transport and distribution of it, along with other rich natural resources. Our soldiers protect our mafia partners and crop fields around the world. We control the supply and the world mafias control the micro -distribution on the streets (directly under the CIA supervision) we transport it and distribute-wholesale it around the world in our war ships and military cargo planes so it goes completely undetected, the CIA has a monopoly of this industry, at least in this continent and is rapid spreading to the others.

Noriega was one of our good partners on this business but he started to branch out on his own due to the enormous amount of merchandise he was in charge of because of the Panama canal. The reason being why we had to get rid of him, he threatened to expose us so we had to get rid of him quick, we put a hit on him but it was thwarted by his forces, then he tried to cut the supply using the canal, but it worked out for the US because thanks to him we now have the monopoly in the entire American continent and as bonus we did not had to give the canal back which, after the 100 year contract agreement was due to expire with Panama and the canal was due to be returned to the Panamanians around those years of the invasion. So it was a beautiful thing to do, waging that war against Noriega, win win for all with a cherry on top, the Panama Canal, people to this day still do not know the real reason why of the Panama war. ”

The Company IS the infamous international drug lord, the only drug Lords being chased down, killed or caught and incarcerated are the ones “non-aligned ” to our international networks, run by the European Monarchies, Vatican and the International Elite network. The “drug wars” being waged in Colombia, Mexico, etc. are focus not on the drugs but on the individuals trying to become “Independent ” and are trying to set up their own shops, no “Drug lords” will be allowed out of our CIA syndicate, those are the one being tackled, prosecuted and murdered. Only the ones that do not play ball with “The Company”, and their political partners in Latin American countries.


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