Bob Dean Interview – March 19 2012 –

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, NEWS
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Last Train to……. The NeXXus YouTube Channel

He talks about how he has been aboard ships several times as a volunteer and that the ships are several miles across. He describes ET’s as looking very much like us, but taller, that they communicate telepathically, are able to time travel, and are much more spiritually advanced, and are able to manipulate matter and time.

He discusses his six week visit with them in 2003 when they showed him the Akashic history records of earth, and he was told that humans have a unique genome and come from several civilizations.


Bob also talks about:

  • Our future planet
  • DNA manipulation
  • Human’s unique genome
  • Love

I’ve listened to many of Bob’s interviews with Project Camelot and in this one, with Graham, he discussed things I’ve not heard before.


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