The Playground Bully Throws Rocks, and Neil Keenan Snitches on Swissindo

Posted: May 1, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

I had to reblogged this because I like the title and the picture of Barney!  Use your heart and read with wisdom and discernment!



  1. This guy is an absolute cartoon! Who can even take him seriously?!

    • I followed Keenan 2-3 years ago and then Drake! I figured Keenan had his shot and missed it. He partner even slipped him one a year or so ago! Drake is another that I walked from after OPPT hit on Christmas! Hey Gwen, if you ever want me on an I/UV show, just ask. I am talking the talk and I am walking the walk! Keep up the great work!

  2. I just read all the link about the Secretary of States “organization” and their struggle with “bogus” (adventure?) filings. They speak more to the unwashed masses that mispel things and anyway they don’t have much. The OPPT filings will continue simply because the Entire World’s Population is the counterparty in the foreclosure. All state constitutions have articles that the “people” may amend at any juncture.
    Keenan…I just doubt he is going to get anything done. His worry about violence or about gold grabbing is moot. China has a heck of a lot of gold and the U.S. and Britain was forced under contract to give it to them. I watch the gold story from the Comex/LMBA and it ain’t in their vaults. On the violence issue every “government” is relying on its soldiers but if hyperinflation hits then what will they have to pay their nice little soldiers? The mercenaries and all soldiers are mercenaries will only snap to attention for….Gold.
    The missing link in this all is the “Galactics.” Why can’t Somebody get a real connection with them or is the “Nidler” full of it every Tuesday? I think I’ll get back to my Garden…

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