Remember, It Is Not About the Money! It Is About What is Right…

Posted: May 1, 2013 in CVACs, One People's Public Trust (OPPT), Other Video

The Collective Imagination Show last night answered many questions about the new I/UV Exchange Tool/Application (Project XIII). The main question, the question of the decade, that many have on their mind: “When will I rub two coins together?”  Not quite asked that way… but, pretty much!

The “IUV Discussion.mp3” file can be downloaded from the DOWNLOAD box at the top left above “Top Posts Last 48 Hours“.

Lisa: [Skype question B/Z]: Where does the 10 billion works into this? [The I/UV Exchange tool/app] what she is describing, Does that fit into the old system or the new?


Heather was on the show from Morocco, with a very good connection, and was able to directly answer that question.


Heather: Yeah, the UV accounts will all be; that’s what they are all going to be starting at.

Lisa: At 10 Billion?

Heather: Yeah…

Lisa: Ok

Remember, it is not about the money! 

  • We have a criminally-controlled banking system
    (controlled by the Federal Reserve System which was a private corporation and really only a small number of individuals)
  • in collusion with a controlled criminal government
    (weak-minded puppets and agents, all actors controlled by powerful banking families that used fiat, unlawful private currencies (worthless) to buy their allegiance and their controllers, off-world masters of destruction)
  • and a powerful criminal military/industrial complex, all made up of private corporations, controlled by the same banking families mentioned above! 
    (They have been foreclosed by the UCC Filings of the OPPT and now being stepped on by the I/UV Exchange.)
  • They have taken advantage of every ONE of us and NOW they will reap what they sowed…

I can hear the whiners and nay-sayers now,


“It’s hogwash!”  It’s preposterous!” “It’s ludicrous!”

No, it’s Peter, Paul and Mary.  Or was that Bob Dylan?

The answer my friend is blowing the wind.
The answer is blowing in the wind…

Heather: Well, I mean, that’s what the reserves were…, well… except for the few that, you know, have a lot of liabilities since that date [December 10, 2012]… but for the most part, everybody has that to go about.

I mean, this is energy that… That was the amount that was set and it was set for very specific reasons which, you know, a lot of you are coming able to phantom over the last 3 to 4 months, but that is essentially only a fraction of the energy that was taken.  So for me to sit there and “Ok, here is 1 billion out of your 10 and the 9 billion that’s left, we’re going to put over here. We’re going to use it over here.”

That’s your energy!

That’s your energy, you decide how to use it, you decide where to use it, when to use it, etc.


BE wise as a serpent, but BE as gentle as a dove.
And lets DO What Is Right  by Every One!

The Beast (my RV) will roll once again across the plains of North and South America hopefully on free energy technology!  And Aye Maties… Where else should Captain Blackheart live, but in the belly of the Beast?



  1. Great post angel, you will do great informing on the road, I plan on doing something like that here in Europe, but first I will have to take care of my health, and it is my birthday this month!

  2. We must Understand that All the finance systems are have been built on Assets whether gold/silver commodities…real estate…or sadly “human capital.” I hope Heather and Caleb explain it all (soon) but I imagine Our Projects…inspired from the Creator…will draw off the gold/silver “collateral” and is in FACT a viable project that will transform land use and industry to HELP everyone get going at LIFE. Very Sensible. Very Real. Very Do able

  3. […] Remember, It Is Not About the Money! It Is About What is Right… […]

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