Lucas – The Good,The Bad And The Ugly – On The Brink Of Reconciling And Unity – 1 May 2013

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, NEWS, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

The slander, dishonesty and also the sheer lies are repeated over and over to make those that do have doubts  go for the misinformation. A lie is not becoming true by repeating. People are exposing themselves and are showing their real faces. Just discern and also research yourselves and know and feel what is true. The crap out there on the net, tv and media is multiple. I see the stories of the gold. I see the manipulations. I see the overstatement of the importance of the collateral accounts and the lawsuits. I see the plots around who gets what and when or not.  It is just a fight amongst those losing the grip on the reality that has moved on. Our new paradigm is forming already and it is putting the old that can not be sustained anymore to the side.


Do you see the humans already  en masse declare they need no more power structures and beliefs and rulers to lead them astray. More  and more humans know they are their our own power structures and all that power is found within. They already stopped to give their powers away.  The energy you gave and the work you have done for the PTW was the real value. They made you belief it was the money or its representation and even that was an illusion.  The gold or silver in what amount stocked, hidden or by mining extracted will not make any difference  if humans  say we give your illusion no more power or energy.  If humans only will exchange with their own divine energy between themselves and do this in equality  without having to value something before exchanging you will see the implications this has on the old powers and systems.  It is though that what will be in the near future our way of exchange.


The old system and its representatives fears this and wants to push one way or the other with promises and betterment in their behaviour or even by brute force and totallitarian control towards a new old system. This system they stand for is nothing more than a system that will rule humans and  again  will be used for control and enslavement.  In the new paradigm of 5D we are not able to maintain structures that are not built on equality and freedom for the divine individuals you all are. Even those that seem now to oppose us are divine individual beings.  See there is ample time left for them to reconcile with their own extreme polarities and duality.  They will come to a change in perception of the world and  humanity. They will have to come to that place of neutrality for all of us where we can resolve and build again together. We will unite again.



Lucas 2012 Infos

goodBadUglyIn reading the flood of bad economic data and the hick ups of the old powers  I say  all is just fine! Yes, it is fine. We are needing to get a total halt and disintegration of the old systems and power structures that have leaned on their versions of  power over and  distribution of wealth around the world for a few.  Whatever way I look I still see the PTW playing their duality role as if nothing happened. But behind the scenes the pressure is cooking all the old strongholds and tactics cook to pulp. No more ….cy,…. ies or … ism’s. All those words, and what they stand for, say  only I rule you in whatever sort of way it is arranged.  It does not matter if it is a monarch,  an aristocrat, a president, an oligarch, an meritocratic ruler group, a socialist, a communist, a ceo, or…

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