My Blog Now Takes On A New Direction, by ~Jean

Posted: April 16, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

Here is a quote that jumped out from this article.

“As the dust from this momentous Changing of the Guard settles, plans call for rapid implementation of emergency funds, eradication of phony debt, and careful development of humanitarian programs for the nations of the world. These funds will not be distributed to governments or banks [never again!], but to foundations that serve the people [and will remain completely transparent!], that stimulate national economies, rebuild infrastructure, implement free energy technologies (yes, they exist!), restore the environment, or provide health care and education.”


My problem with this is the “foundations” that will control these redistributed funds for the people.  If there is any chance for control of these funds by the “cabal” and/or any other selfish, manipulative, controlling individual or group to get access to once again, this is the way!  I say “NO!“, I do not want my funds to get into the hands of any criminal or group of people that will decide how or who gets the funds.  I want control of the monies to go to help clean the planet and change our world one person and one community at a time.


OPPT made sure that each living soul receives and distributes the funds as they determine with full transparency and accountability for each soul’s creations.   Also, there has never been a debt!  Any debt that did exist (that’s an oxymoron), was released by OPPT!  Y’all might as well face the facts, we will and are accessing our funds thru our own energy signature.  It cannot be duplicated and it is uniquely your signature!  So we are the organic technology and I recommend to start practicing, using that  high Love Vibration to tear down stupid and the walls of ignorance and greed!


I know that I will be a source of funding for free energy distribution, cleaning of our atmosphere, waters and Earth.  The funds will probably stay within the community in which you live for the most part.  Although I plan on traveling and doing this in many communities.  Once everyone realizes the responsibility that comes with such funding, our world will become a much better place.  I’d much rather teach an individual to fish, than to just give him some fish for fulfilling one or more meals.


If you desire to read the rest of the article, click the link at the top of the page.

  1. Marti Gordy says:

    Once we learn of our Creation Powers, we can clean the earth without anything except for intent. This will “cost” nothing. I still say that WE as creation of the “God” can do this, but WE HAVE to KNOW that we can. As Jesus stated, that as he has done, so can we……….and more. WE have to learn this faith. If the new paradigm uses funds at all, “they” will eventually enslave us again. So all we have that they can’t control is that faith.

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