Excerpt from The Great American Adventure – Part 3 of 5 – by Judge Dale

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Grover Cleveland,22nd and 24th President of the United States was a very popular President, a Bourbon Democrat who was pro-business and promoted old fashioned ideals. Both of these issues were popular in America because it meant jobs; security and an ideology that most American’s could understand and relate too. His pro-business stance would injure that popularity when he intervened in the railroad strikes against the Unions. To further counter his and the Democratic Parties popularity in America; the European Royal and Elite orchestrated the Great Economic Panic of 1893, which Cleveland could not recover from!

During his administration in 1878, the European Royal and Elite helped to usher in the American Bar Association [a lawyers union] loyal to the Queen of England, which was unknown to the American Public!  Participation and membership in the Union was initially on a voluntary basis and as it grew in strength, its participation would become mandatory. The American Bar Association would eventually prove to be a terrorist organization and one of the most corrupt influences to affect America and the American way of life, which will be discussed at the end of PART 3…


Woodrow Wilson,the 28th President of the United States was probably the most intelligent and academic of all the Presidents to have served in that position too date! He was a team player for the European Royal and Elite and during his first term as President, Wilson, a Republican, persuaded a Democratic Congress to pass major progressive reforms,which eventually set the stage for FDR and his New Deal.  His agenda included the:

  • Federal Reserve Act
  • Federal Trade Commission Act
  • Clayton Antitrust Act
  • Federal Farm Loan Act
  • Federal Income Tax

The first Income Tax was signed into law and operation and was secretly transferred into the pockets of the European Royal and Elite through the International Monetary Fund, by creation of a branch corporation titled: The Treasury.  Most Americans just assumed that it was The United States Treasury and paid their taxes over to this foreign corporation pretty much without a fight!

Americans never liked the idea of an Income Tax and so the Slave Drivers utilized two techniques to force compliance. The first technique was to employ foreign IRS Agents under the International Monetary Fund, who pretended to be government agents and who always demanded and took more than what was due and pursued imprisonment for those who objected the loudest!

The second technique was to rely on American patriotism to convince Americans that this was the cost of freedom and to willingly contribute their fair share!  Another propaganda slogan that was circulated at the time concerned ‘the only guarantees in life’ was: ‘Death and Taxes.’ The Federal Reserve Act ushered in a new privately owned European corporation named:  The Federal Reserve System, which eventually removed the control of American coin and currency from the Congress using large personal bribes to members of Congress and placed the minting of currency into the hands of a group of Sabbatean Jewish Bankers based in Israel. The FED subsequently controlled America’s GNP; inflation; interest and currency and introduced their own “Script Money” called: Federal Reserve Notes.  The Federal Reserve Notes were as worthless as scrap paper and is defined under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) as: “Negotiable Debt Instruments.”

Wilson is also responsible for the formation of the “Electoral College,” which virtually eliminated the power of the public vote! No matter what the popular vote, the persons designated as the delegates for the Electoral College, made the decision as to what candidate won! Wilson was also the first President to introduce and promote the concept and belief that America was a Democratic Government and all post Presidents; politicians and the Department of Education promoted this concept thereafter. The political concept of Democracy or Demon-ocracy was just another form of Communism.  Jefferson and Franklin argued against a Democratic government for America in favor of a Republic for this very reason. I invite you to research the definition of the word ‘Democracy’ in any modern day Law Dictionary if you doubt me!

During Wilson’s administration a War broke out in Europe in 1914, which was promoted again by the European Royal and Elite.  When the RMS Lusitania sunk on its maiden voyage from Liverpool England to New York in 1915, Elite instigators once again promoted a lie that a German U-boat attacked the ship and demanded American revenge against Germany!

It wouldn’t be discovered until some 70 years later that the Lusitania sank from either sabotage or from a flaw in one of the ships boilers! Wilson committed American forces to the War and the Royal and Elite made a small fortune in commerce!

NOTE: The Democratic Party was created by the Irish Immigrants in New York City and there was a growing dissension between the Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans were in control of the government and their policies were aimed at breaking the Unions and enslaving the public in debt; so when the Titanic was scheduled to take its maiden voyage from New York, and the published list of passengers revealed the names of so many of  America’s Republican political and business leaders; Democratic members from Tammany Hall, arranged for the ships Captain to sink the Titanic and the rest is history! The Captain was actually dying from cancer and his family was well provided for thereafter.  The record of payments were discovered in the books of Tammany Hall, which began with a payment to the Captain just before the Titanic’s maiden voyage and continued to his Spouse on a monthly basis thereafter.



George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st President of the United States, was actually born under the name of: George Herbert Scherff, Jr., in Germany. Like his father, he served Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Government as an SS Naval Officer. At the beginning of the WWII, he and Otto Skorzeny, an SS Officer and assassin, were instructed by Hitler’s Chiefs of Staff to arrange for escape routes out of Germany and Europe to South America by which Germany’s elite soldiers and politicians could escape capture as a backup plan.

The Nazi Agency that Scherff [Bush] and Skorzeny created was assigned the acronym: ODESSA. Their headquarters was located in Buenos Aries, Argentina, with various plantation safe houses created in Brazil; Chile and Uruguay. It was then decided that George Scherff, Jr., should take a new last name and that he learn to speak the English language like a native and armed with forged documents, he was to infiltrate the United States Government. I don’t know how he decided on the colonial family name of  “Bush” but I can speculate on that one… Bush and Skorzeny devised a plan to merge former Nazi SS officers and OSA officers into the CIA spy organization for the United States, which was a continuation of the Nazi 1000 year plan. Air Force Ace, Wild Bill Donovan and former SS Officer, Allan Dulles became the CIA Directors.

Bill Donovan was being utilized to help sell the American public. After all,who can find fault with an American Ace and War Hero? George H. W. Bush became a member of the CIA and masterminded “OPERATION PAPERCLIP,” which repatriated 155,000 Nazi soldiers into the United States after Germany’s surrender and the only criteria for repatriation was: “What trade, experience or talent do you have to offer the Government of the United States?”  Allan Dulles would eventually amass enough money through ODESSA and the Bush family, to create the Washington/Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia and throughout WWII; Allan Dulles would provide a link between American big business sympathizers and Nazi Germany. Much of the Red Cross supplies being shipped to Europe from the United States and earmarked for the Allies, was diverted into Germany by the Red Cross,to feed the German troops.

George Herbert Walker Bush and his father, Prescott Bush, would also arrange for Hitler’s continued financing during the War. Much of this can be documented by researching: The Hitler/Bush Connection. George H. W.Bush’s [German name of Scherff] was only ever discovered during the death bed confession of Otto Skorzeny, who also provided a series of Nazi photographs of the ODESSA staff showing a young George [Scherff] Bush in every photo! I personally viewed these photographs and can confirm that [Scherff] is definitely, George H.W. Bush. The Bush family currently owns a large Plantation in Uruguay, which is extremely high tech; partially underground and protected by CIA trained soldiers.


Prior to 1940, the Central Intelligence Agency developed a covert operation for the systematic takeover and control of the worlds media titled: “Operation Mockingbird.” If you Google the words: Operation Mockingbird, you can read the entire plan for yourself. This program corresponded with the Nazi 1000 year plan for world domination and the Treaty of Verona of 1822 , in which the High Contracting Powers agreed, that a Free Press and any Republican form of Government, was dangerous and should be abolished by every means available. The Congress adopted Operation Mockingbird, knowing full wellwhat this plan involved and what they expected it to achieve!

The CIA plan would begin in 1940 and by 1982 the CIA and MIA [Military Intelligence Agency] controlled all media companies in America and currently censors the content of the news we may hear; censors movie content and censors what may be aired by all communication vehicles such as: television, radio, Internet and advertising; newspapers,magazines and periodicals.

They even provide script suggestions to the Hollywood Movie Studios and every Live Theaters. Much of the content of Sci-fi movies that we believe to be the product of a vivid imagination are about 30 to 50% accurate,which is based upon the possibility or some twist of fate, of becoming true.  Movie scripts like: “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “War of the Worlds,” was presented to strike fear in the American public and shake their sense of security!  Its all about Slave Driving Techniques! The Illuminati are hellbent upon making Bible Prophecy come true and are responsible for much of the Biblical like devastation that has been occurring around the Earth.The CIA and MIA are also using the media too frighten and prepare us fora future exposure to highly technical devices, bombs, planes, experiments and machinery that have actually been in existence and operational for the last thirty to forty years!

NOTE: All media moguls and news reporters have been enrolled as members of the CIA and are subject to prosecution for Treason [To Reason] should they violate any government censorship regulations. I highly doubt that anyone accused would be tried in public! The control of the media in all other countries became the responsibility of that country but they all pretty much follow our CIA model. Many of our Hollywood movie stars are also  participating members of the Illuminati.

Still think America is free and believe in the freedom of the press?

Think again!



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