QUEET – Quantum Energy Machine in production for over 14 years!

Posted: April 10, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

This includes the human energy field (and solar panels and many batteries and much, much, more.)




This explains why it is so effective for healing. All pain and health problems have a weakness in that energy field, near the problem. The QUEET amplifies the human energy field, AND the flow, in that area, and the pain disappears! And healing speeds up!


Thousands of people with advanced degrees and millions of regular people, worldwide, have been shocked and blown away at seeing this technology in action!


It is the First Quantum Energy Machine in mass production for over 14 years, offered as one of our more then 6000 gifts to humanity of planet Earth.


Brought to you by the children of God at the World Improvement Team. For more information please send email to: fixtheworldproject@hotmail.com






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