RTS – Ashtar’s Contrast w/ Heather’s and D’s Responses – 6 April 2013

Posted: April 8, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

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In response to another channelled message – this time Ashtar.   Heather’s comments are in bold, I’ll add my blunt, straight to the point comments in purple….. and if AK or anyone else has something to add to this as well, I will edited it in in yet another colour.

With Absolute Gratitude, Love and Peace, I DO this one last “time” …We DO this one last “time”…because apparently some did not get the memo…”NOTICE: ALL that IS, BE embodiments of eternal essence absent limit…DO what you BE…NOW”…   Rec. No. 2013032035, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full  PRE-PAID, PRE-AUTHORIZED, and PRE-APPROVED.

“Part 137, Ashtar Tells of The Changes Needed On The Ground Before Disclosure

— by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 04/01/13”

“It is I, Ashtar.  I have breaking news, and I have chosen this channel because I know the good people will pass it on and assure great distribution to the many readers you serve.”

H:  Why use a channel?  Stand before us, with us, transparently…eternal essence embodied…so that we may experience the intent and integrity directly and use our tools of resonance to know if you BE and DO in Absolute Truth giving Absolute Data.

Me: if you have breaking news that’s that important that it needs to be passed on, then you need to tell us yourself- I’ve seen how the whisper game is played and I do not consent to second/third/forth hand news.  We’re sick and tired of these “chosen one” games.

“First, I will inform you of the state of the Disclosure plans.  Barack Obama is fully aware of the growing impatience on the part of Lightworkers, and also aware of the slanderous comments about his dear Michelle being the reason for the hold-up.  This is absolutely not true.  He has not been dragging his feet.”

H:  This moment is about transparency…it is difficult by design of another to know what is Absolute Truth or not when it is done absent transparency to all and the opportunity to vet using our tools of resonance within…

me: If you were dealing with us directly and in complete transparency with no data missing, then we wouldn’t have all this gossip, would we?

“He has been following orders from the Council which oversees the Ascension process of Planet Earth, which we are all pledged to abide by.”

H:  Which “Council” is that?  Who purportedly “sits” on this “Council”?  “What IS the purported “Ascension process”?  Ascension from what to what?  I AM eternal essence embodied absent limit  since before this experiment began and I DO what I BE,…I DO NOT CONSENT TO LIMITS placed upon me, especially by those who choose not to present them self transparently before me.

me: 1) If there is a council then I wish to be on it to represent myself as I am a Free BEing and do not accept any representation or council member to speak on my behalf.
2) As I said in the RTS skype room this morning:  there is no such thing as 3D, 5D, 9.5D, 3182D or any other “level” of “D”- this is a construct of hierarchy, an invention of those who would tell you what to do: “I’m 7D and you are only 5D, so therefore I am HIGHER than you!”  ….. bollux!  We are all Eternal Essence Embodied- no higher, no lower, all EQUAL.

“This process is difficult enough without having rumors flying around which insult the integrity of our Ascended Masters.”

H:  Please clarify to me what IS your definition of “Ascended Master”.  Do they require others to BE less than them to support their purported “Ascended Master” state?  I BE transparent and DO with full responsibility and liability for all to rely upon, for all to experience, question, and dissect…the purported “Ascended Masters” have not provided me with the same opportunity and experience, and I DO desire, choose and request transparency NOW, especially when you or another claims that they are “oversee’ing” anything regarding my embodiment and what I BE.

me: I don’t have a “Master”- ascended, descended or any other type.

“Next, let me update you on the progress.  As you might have suspected, this is a multi-pronged effort, including not only the spectacular celebration of welcoming your Brother and Sisters.  It is far more complex than that.  It involved the complete overhaul of your financial, legal and social systems. That cannot be done without complete chaos unless the work has been done by our representatives on the ground to have the following things in place:”

H:  Again….This moment is about transparency…it is difficult by design of another to know what is Absolute Truth or not when it is done absent transparency to all and the opportunity to vet, review, and dissect using our tools of resonance within…and, the closure of unlawful and illegal slavery systems, inclusive of financial, legal, and corporate WERE DONE ABSENT COMPLETE CHAOS, PEACEFULLY.

me: if it’s MY financial, legal and social systems that you are helping to “over haul” then I suggest that you get MY input on it.  I didn’t vote for someone to represent me or my family. I represent ME, no one else, and as I AM Eternal Essence Embodied I no longer need “financial, legal and social systems”- the value is ME, MY SELF and I and everything else is irrelevant.

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H:  I BE eternal essence embodied absent limit and continue to BE of service to all embodiments of eternal essence…and I DO BE of service to you as you choose in this NOW what you BE and DO what you BE.  I love you whatever choice you make.  With Absolute Gratitude, Love and Peace, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, eternal essence embodied absent limit and DO’ing.



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