Do Not Allow Your Doubts and Anxieties to Discourage or Alarm You – by John Smallman

Posted: April 5, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow

Love is all-encompassing and can bear no grudges, It knows not what grudges are. It embraces and accepts all, unconditionally. The intensity of Love overwhelms; in fact, It terrifies those who would judge or condemn, and they flee from Its presence in complete disarray because It is utterly uncompromising in Its acceptance of the good in all that has been created. It neither sees nor acknowledges anything else. What is not good does not exist, so judgment and condemnation do not exist, and that is a fearful realization for those who would engage with it, which is why they flee from the purity of Love.

04/04/2013 by John Smallman



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Humanity’s awakening process is proceeding apace.  At the beginning, many eons ago, it was slow and arduous for you, but now it is like a river flowing rapidly in full flood, sweeping all before it to the Ocean – Reality, Heaven, your eternal Home – and it is utterly unstoppable.  Let go of your doubts and anxieties, which tempt you either to try to swim upstream, or at the very least, arrest your progress by holding on to outdated attitudes and behaviors that no longer serve you.  Release all that unloving emotional baggage which weighs you down, seems to be dragging you down, and skim along in exhilaration like surfers or water-skiers on the surface of this tide of Love as you race towards the Ocean where the most magnificent welcome awaits your swift and certain arrival.

Dear Light-bearers and wayshowers, sisters and brothers, siblings, children of God, do not…

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  1. sojournerbe says:

    Geez I love your energy! I reposted this to one of my blogs then put a link on my other one. I guess we are on the ‘same page’ today. Its in the collective. We all have our way of expressing it.

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