As some of you know, I have been actively involved in the One People’s Public Trust since 26 December 2012. When I first read the OPPT Official Announcement, I sensed this was the Real McCoy! I started following OPPT immediately by reading & re-reading everything and listening to every program and opinion I could find online. I also did much in the way of meditating on the actual announcement. I understood what was being presented and shared with friends and others in an attempt for them to also understand the significance of the Public Trust. I did my due diligence exceptionally well.

During the first couple of weeks, I noticed many folks were having a difficulty with the legalese of the Announcement. Based on that, I decided I would create an OPPT1776 Presentation since I had the occupational experience of working as a professional industrial technical trainer since 1978. It just so happened that on that day, AK from American Kabuki had written a summary of what we had all been learning. The article jumped off the page at me and I knew that was going to form the foundation (16 of 38 pages, version 1.0) of the presentation (current version 3.5 w/ 65 pages). I created that initial presentation in like 8 hours.

For the record, there were never any copyright issues with the presentation itself because I created it for use in the public domain. AK from American Kabuki created the YouTube video presentation from my original, which he could because he was indirectly involved in its creation. I placed the master document on so anyone could translate it into the languages needed to reach folks around the globe. If there were any copyright issues with the graphics used from the Internet, I wasn’t worried because the Copyright Office had been foreclosed along with the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Remember, everything has been used to commandeer the Creator Value of our Eternal Essence Embodied.

The Journey Begins

In June 2011, I quit my $50/hour contract job with an defense contractor, after 6+ years of working for them (burned out with the corporate BS). I was “sure” the economic revaluation of currencies (dinars, dongs) was going to happen in September of that year. I had saved some FRNs, enough to get me through at least 6 months at the same living standard. Well, I was running out of money fast and no RV in September (same ole shit happening today!) At that same time, the Occupy Wall Street Movement was in full swing, so I had my own Occupy movement, I occupied myself! I stopped paying all of my debt in October of that year, over $200,000 including house, car, motorcycle, personal loans and lots of credit cards that I ran up in preparing for living lean. I just didn’t care! If you’re going to be a revolutionary, you must act like a revolutionary! LOL

Eight months before I left my corporate job, I began setting myself up to live on less than $1000 per month. I bought a 23 year old RV (34′ Recreational Vehicle) on eBay in November 2010. I moved into “The Beast”, 210 square foot of luxury redneck country living, in December!

I really enjoy living lean and did well during the 2011. I had rent coming in monthly from my home being leased. Well, the end of 2012 was a tough year for many folks. The renter, stopped paying the full rent and eventually paid nothing to me (hence the reason for living on less than $600/month). Well I wasn’t paying the bank, and I actually filed several documents in the public record, which allowed me to pull my deed out of the simple trust the banks create in order to commit fraud against the people. Well in August, after 11 months of fighting the bank, they finally seized my property in August 2012. I really think the bank created a rental company front and acted as though they sold the property. They also allowed the renter to live in the house for an additional 8 months for free before they evicted them. I plan on getting the house back this year!

Courtesy Notices

When the Courtesy Notices were first introduced, based on work by Scott and Ken Bartle, What the FUQ? Frequently Unanswered Questions of the Australian Government, I didn’t have a need to send any out. I had already been fighting the system and have always been radical when it comes to government intrusion into our personal lives. I could have created some to try to get the house back, however I procrastinated since it had been so long since the banks and the courts stole it.

On March 6, 2013, I was with my daughter and she got a little irritated at Dad for telling her how to drive, so she pulled over and said, “Dad, you’re driving!” Ok, so I got in, drove less than a mile down the road and was pulled over for expired registration and inspection. Thanks Girl! I knew I had a couple of tickets outstanding from last year and I had submitted, at the time I received the tickets, a cancellation notice based on UCC 1-308, Reservation of Rights without Prejudice, to the clerk of the court. So I figured it was taken care of, since I didn’t hear anything from the city. There again, I haven’t received any mail for almost a year since I did not desire to receive any.

The individual, impersonating a police officer, asked me for my driver’s license. I responded, “Good afternoon, Sir. Why have you pulled me over?” “You’re tags and inspection are out of date.” he said. “Have I broken any laws?” Have you witnessed me breaking a law?”, I asked. Again, he said, “You’re tags and inspection are out of date.” “A law involves a criminal act, that’s a statute and regulation of the corporation you work for.”

Let me see your driver’s license.” he asked again. What make you think I has such a document? May I see your ID please?” He asked again for my license. I continued, “Sir, I have broken no law! I’m traveling with my daughter. Are you detaining me?” “No.” he responded. “Am I free to go on my way?” I queried. “No. Are you Republic of Texas?” he responded. “No sir, I’m an individual.” I answered, “I’d like to go on my way. Am I free to go? “No, wait here.” he responded.

He goes into his car. During that time, I was discussing with my daughter what I was doing. I knew he was calling back-up and they would probably arrest me, since I was a dangerous terrorist! He did openly profile me as “Republic of Texas” and they are classified as terrorist, as well as everyone in the Freeman Movement, by our alleged Powers That Were (PTW).

Within about 5 minutes, three additional alleged police cars pulled up surrounding my vehicle. They surrounded the car with one impersonating officer behind, one on the passenger side and two at the driver’s side. The individual on the passenger side asked me right off, “Are you Republic of Texas?”  Again he profiled me based on the questions I asked him.  “I’m an individual!”, I replied.  He started questioning me about my failure to provide an ID and if I understood that I had broke the law because the tags were out-of-date. I asked for his ID and he barked, “I’m Lt. Xxxxx from such and such police department!” I said, “I do not recognize your authority.”

The one imposter at the front of the driver’s door reached through the window, across the steering column, turned the key off and pulled it out of the column. I grabbed is arm and remove the key from his hand. I handed the key to my daughter saying, “Now they’re breaking and entering into our property!” The other imposter standing behind by back by the door had his hand on his weapon as I remarked, “He has his hand on his gun, now they’ll used force to remove me from the vehicle.”, as the other actor opened my door, and reached across to remove my seat belt, grabbed my arm and lifted me from the seat (I cooperated some what).

Now they’ll abuse me on the back of the car and restrain me by force.”, I announced to all around. As they were walking this man to the alleged police car (vehicle registered to a private corporation that has been foreclosed), I said, “Now they’ll kidnap me and then try to extort money from me!” I was polite and peaceful during the whole event. My daughter was crying and apologized for asking me to drive. I said, “You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s OK babe.”

I had peace being in jail over night. I had an attitude and refused to eat the shit they call food! I decided to fast while I was there, initially expecting to set out the fine for 2-3 days. I never gave them my name, however, my daughter revealed all! I love her still… LOL Anyway, I ended up spending 18 hours in jail and got out the next day. They tried to extort $800 from me in jail, and probably more now, since I’m not going into their foreclosed courts.

I completed seven (7) courtesy notices over the next few days after being released. Three individuals received courtesy notices for the entire event. Another two received a CN for incarcerating this man and inflicting restraint and injury. The magistrate also received one for their part in:

  • Any claim absent a lawfully binding contract between the parties
  • Enforcing or attempting to enforce any prior issued instrument from a foreclosed entity
  • Enforcing or attempting to enforce a judgment from a “Court”
  • Unlawful physical or non-physical threat including but not limited to a threat of prosecution, restraint, bodily harm or legal action
  • Unlawful arrest or detainment per calendar day or part thereof
  • Operating or perpetuating any and all private money systems, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems, operating SLAVERY SYSTEMS of and against the One People*.   (*The One People as defined in UCC 2012079290)

My daughter told me later that three of the impersonating officers were going to let me go, even with the bench warrant because I did nothing wrong. The other impersonator took me in because I had an outstanding warrant in his jurisdiction.  So standing for your rights will not usually result in unlawful incarceration.

I also put out a few more CNs to individuals at the bank that is trying to possess my ride! All banks have been foreclosed by the One People’s Public Trust. To date, I have heard nothing yet from any of the foreclosed corporations or any of the individuals served with the notice.

Just yesterday, I finished Courtesy Notices to the CEO TXU Electric and copy of that CEO CN to the employees, who will receive the invoice. I also sent one to the City Manager of Fort Worth, regarding Water Department and Trash Collection. With each of CN, I included a copy of the document, Rodney Class – Notice and Warning to Utility Companies.

We might as well get aggressive and change the World the way we want it to BE! You Are the Change and the Only One who can DO! Now take action, there has never, ever been a debt! Are you going to allow them to continue to rob you of your Creator Value and your associated energy!  Only you can stop them by standing up for your un-a-lienable God-given rights and serve them instead by using the courtesy notices!  Get as many people as possible to join you and watch what happens!

Remember, you are a majority of One!


  1. hopeinri says:

    sounds lovely but I don’t want to go to jail….

  2. Thank you Angel. I laughed the entire time you were verbally predicting all the actions by the agents.

  3. Marti Gordy says:

    I love you Angel! YOU are the MAN!

  4. sojournerbe says:
    just posted this then read yours. I had similar experiences the past two years, but did not create the jail part. Cool beans, you are in the trenches too. I tip my hat to ya.

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