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Ginger’s Notes (Mahalo, Ginger (


In general, this show was the most clarifying ever on so many levels, therefore, for so many listeners.


The hardest thing has been how to surgically untangle the huge spaghetti mess of dis-info and lies from all the actual positive timeline intel over the past years . . . and especially in 2012 regarding NESARA, the RVs (revaluation of Iraqi dinar and or world currencies), Prosperity Packages, St Germain Trust, Global Redistributions of Wealth, etc. and “the announcements” . . . was all impossible for most of us.


So thank you so much everyone for finally getting more specific here, therefore, being more transparent about it. By starting to be transparent about all this (verses vague), it is much easier to hold envisioning space for the positive timeline to manifest with the facts made known here. And I would like to lean more please.


The following are my notes and comments (not in order of show), and I strongly encourage listening to the show, as it’s well worth the time! –



– Essentially right now, it is like watching the beginning of a pool game where all the balls are flying in all directions, and they are waiting to see where each will land, in order to know what the next move will be.

– PTW (Powers That Were) especially in Australia are perplexed, as Australia has been one of the most pro-active countries with the Courtesy Notices.


– D of RTS (Remove The Shackles) updates (about 36 mins in) – and this is really funny! As the PTW do not understand what is going on (the snake’s head is gone), so they keep changing their muddled intentions (do it, don’t do it, do it). D also outlines a brief context of their wanting to roll out whole new fake system, based on nothing still – “Slavery version 2.0″ – LOL. But bottom line is, they are most afraid of the people finding out their real value and where it comes from.


– Regarding “accessing our stolen value” via a Bridge system and why we have NOT been able to do so yet with something in hand.

  1. We cannot have a representation of value until enough understand what that really means.
  2. This “bridge” will not happen, until the old system is completely gone. Therefore, it’s very unlikely that this Bridge is going to happen this week. An additional, a very clear picture is painted by Lisa and Brian about this.

– Note, if NESARA is introduced, people will just spend it all in a year and be broke again. And nothing will have changed.


– Excellent current update (about 53 mins in) on OPPT working with certain Indonesians to release the gold and silver via the Bridge. “They want to work with OPPT instead” (love this guys!) However, the PTW still have the ability to steal it at this time. The old system must be exposed first. And if they try fake announcements and fake new system, it will implode on them immediately. Then OPPT and Indonesia folks can get busy with a real value system happening – Yes!


– “The Event”, that “is eminent” will be activated by OPPT . . . of “The Absolute Truth” . . . “known from within”, therefore consciously. (my interpretation is – “an awakening from within” to the truth, with NO parts missing)


– Excellent very exciting description of what “The Event” will entail (begins about 73-74 mins in) by Chris. Not to be missed! Then Bob and Brian add on more clarity that are of the classic spiritual teachings and how it all fits in with everything else.


– Some quotes – “There is money if you need it; there are folks trying to get money to you; they are working out the details in how to get it to you, without it being stolen” (my interpretation is that this is the OPPT team, and they have not yet figured out how to get money to us without the PTW stealing it)


– If The Event can be delivered quickly and effectively, this is the preferred first priority (over the asset “bridge” being first) But either way, we will see financial results.


– The CVAC global system will be discussed, only after The Event.


– A factual note about the Cyprus drama (74 mins) is helpful.


– There have been more arrests in banking industry over the past week (still being censored by media), but no factual numbers or names in just yet.



– Darrell in Canada shares what he has been up to lately re investigations and wake-up calls to old system that is very helpful for others to hear, where clearly the courts are working for the banks. What the next steps can be and why.


– A new educational flyer has been developed by Scott that simplifies things called “The Foreclosure Notice” – is a non-confrontational educational tool and is ready to use. This can be used before using the Courtesy Notice. It’s on the OPPT website –


– The reality we are living in is not real . . . Bob and Brian elaborate beautifully.


– “The fact” of “technology” is at a sub-atomic level, that was back-engineered from human DNA. Therefore, we have the this technology within us and the ability to use it, we just forgot how. Once humans re-learn how to use it, they will immediately experience that they no longer need the old enslavement hologram program at all!


– In other words, when we no longer need anything from them, suddenly the veils of illusions will be lifted.


– If you are still confused around your “real worth or value”, there is more discussion.


– There are two great technological patents available on the OPPT site to check out . . . for anyone to claim.


– See online movie “The Matrix Trilogy Decoded” by Mark Passio, is great! (I found only on D’s site, it seems) – so scroll down a ways to find here –


– The Keshe Foundation technology has been around a long time (just suppressed).



– Loie is Heather’s mother, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Given choices, she has just made the choice to move on (releasing her current embodiment), therefore, Heather has been spending lots of time with her. So we are all sending so much love and blessings in deep gratitude to Loie for all she has contributed towards OPPT being created, as “It could not have come into being without her.”




I highly recommend reading this related post on RTS – “Notes from Heather and D from April 1st” –


And Lisa, thank you for always staying on task around the most practical and relevant questions for us all. All of you together are doing such a delightful multi dimensional job and in helping us listeners to feel included in all the FUN going on!

We Are all The Absolute Fun! (add a Brian-giggle here :)))






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