Posted: March 28, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

It is all in a sense playing around relationships. The relationships to yourself, your loved ones, your work, your outside world, like: the government, the banks, etc. It is about you in the middle of this seeing what is. It is about the choice you make to free yourself and be your authentic loving self. It is about independence and freedom of you. For some it will be an ongoing battle in old paradigm stuff, or activism. For others it will be about first time going within and for some it is about activations and or about deeper insights bringing up a new level of understanding where you go in this new paradigm and shift in BEing YOU.


In relationships personal growth and independence is now a strong theme. The new paradigm is not about all those old ways of having relationships tied. It is about being YOU and BEing independent and that makes you can connect to everyone freely open without shackles, restrictions, etc. Love relationships will become those of independent humans. It is about setting aside old patterns. Just feeling love and not going into battles or arguments is bringing your relationship in a neutral point and balance. It is about allowing YOU and the OTHER BEing.

–Lucas 2012


Lucas 2012 Infos

fishbowlsYou all thought to get a break, no way.  The train is running and stops nowhere but its destined end-point. Let me be clear it is a ride but for everybody different, but also with a clear destiny.  It is about you going the whole way.  So what you have experienced around the vernal equinox and around the full moon yesterday is  all just your personal experience on your journey. In whatever you needed to experience on your road if it was pleasant or not, it was experienced just the way it should be.  All are just lessons you take in to let you make your change and let go of what is not needed. You also are integrating all those vibrational frequency changes coming in. Your body is changing also. 

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