Secretary of the State of Washington Sam Reed, aka Sami the Shaman, Crew Leader in Drug Cartel

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow
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Up until now, these people were well hidden from suspicion by those in position, to manipulate laws and make events disappear from public record.


This is the testimony of a man who has been a life long victim that needs to be heard. It is certain that if he goes to the police or FBI first, he and his family will be and are in serious danger of being murdered to keep these events quiet. Thus, the only way he could see a way to press forward, was to bring this information to the public first so it may not so easily be covered up, should he or his family be killed by any means seeming natural or otherwise. Intervention is needed to remove them from the state of Washington, to sanctuary, preferably, outside of the United States.


Listed are the crimes and those who committed them, as given to me by Brent Howitz.


I, Brent Howitz submit the following as true and accurate knowledge of the crimes committed in the State of Washington by the organizations and government that have sworn to serve and protect the people.


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