Misconceptions of Truth in a Third Density World – by Daniel Gross

Posted: March 24, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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These are some of the misconceptions of truth in a third density world and system —-

  1. That you must eat three meals a day or you will experience the reality of starvation very soon upon missing one of these meals or you will be convicted of child abuse toward your children.
  2. That there is a set order in which every family is supposed to live and act toward one another in life.
  3. That you all have to work a job and buy and sell things throughout your lives.
  4. That you need a physician – hospital – medications – drugs for pain – health insurance – car insurance – life insurance – homeowners insurance – and so forth.
  5. That you need police forces- jails – prisons – judgment – justice – punishment Law – set order to each society – and the many rules and regulations in order to maintain your world.
  6. That you need money in order to make the world proceed in a fashion that is beneficial to all of mankind.
  7. That you have to have a religion or even that religion of one kind or another is actually beneficial to the human population.
  8. That you have to have belief systems put in place for all who wish to create a group or society different from all others.
  9. That you have to own your house – your car- your boat – your grownup play toys of various kinds – your land – your business- your tolls of your trade – your livestock or domesticated animals or pets – your waters- your air – and anything else in life which the human being wishes to apply ownership to.
  10. That there is anything in life that is either right or wrong based on the rules – regulations – and Laws of your own society or country.
  11. That there is a set order and custom to be followed when it comes to marriage or partnerships in life. That white is right and black – Indian – Chinese – German – Hispanic – German or nay other is wrong.
  12. That the man is head of the household and woman is to submit to her husband. That woman is head of the household and her husband is to do as she wishes or he will not receive the things he requires of her when he wants these things. That children are to do everything a parent tells them to do and never think – speak – or act any differently in life ( children are learning humans just like those grownups who think they know what is truth and what is right – and they do not).
  13. That there is anything on this planet that does every human is not to have access to unless they buy it from those who place ownership over the resources of the land and meter them to cause humans to pay for the right to use the freely provided resources of the whole planet.
  14. That you are a slave to the present system and you will never leave it until death has taken hold of you and you are no more.
  15. That you are weak – ugly – dirty – unclean – ignorant – limited in life – insane – do not fit in – poor – rich – fast – slow – right – wrong – sick – healthy – lost – saved – a chosen one –  a lost soul – going to heaven – going to hell – and on – and on – and on.
  16. That you are anything whatsoever other than the One – the All – and the answer to all of your questions in life.
  17. That you will find complete abundance before you move over to fifth density planet earth – that others will come form off world and save or provide the much needed repairs to your present world and system. That there are any solutions to your problems as long as you remain in third dneisty consciousness and continue to choose the third density life of pleasing the flesh and living in service to self.
  18. That war – weapons of war and violence – and punishment and the laws of the land are necessities in life. That you need a government – need to be ruled over- or need a contract or constitution for your place of society in your world. That you need anything other than to govern yourselves in life and every person is completely responsible for his and her own actions.
  19. That unless a technology exists for your need there is no other way in life of providing for your future needs.
  20. That if life gets better for your children before you leave this planet that it will remain better for all generations to come. The fact is – the world will go from truth to falsities and back to truth again – only to return to falsities in other generations to come – and theis will continue in third dneisty reality to eternity as this is the reality that provides for a seminary of the souls and every lesson ever to be learned for the spiritual society and soul group to eternity. When you leave this reality you leave the classroom and place of the birth of the human soul – and go to a place where the human soul awakens – remembers all things in which it did not even know it had knowledge of – and goes on to live life as an adult human being to eternity – never to be born again and never to create children again – as they would be bound to third dneisty life where all life is given its beginning in the illusion of life and death.
  21. That you are to pray – you are to fast – and that you are to give. Note: Who would you pray to and ask for things in life if we are all the One and the same being or soul? Would you pray to the god of this world who is in service to self and has created a world in complete service to self and the pleasures of the flesh? There is no one to pray to as all is provided freely by you to you and for you. Are you to fast for the same reasons – so as to really – really tell God (you) that you want something? You are playing a script in this world and if anything more is to be provided to you then it will come from the higher souls who are in service to self – and have you submitted to their slavery system by expecting you to ask for anything in life which you already have access to if only you can remember.

Do not give to human beings unless they ask of you and then do so being guided by Heart. If you give when not asked you are in service to self (always expecting something in return even if it is gratification of pride – or pleasure for doing a good deed. When you help those who do not ask you rob them of a life’s lesson as many who feel they are starving or hungry feel that way because the system has taught them to eat three meals a day. There are many lessons to be learned by doing without in life – and I know because I have tested this theory many times in order to learn the lessons. Fifth density man will not rob third dneisty man of his lessons as this would cause them to have to come around to the same experience again so as to eventually learn the lesson they have possibly been deprived of in life. So you only give to those who ask – and even then go with your heart.

What is better – for a man to go a day without bread and learn a lesson that helps him complete and fulfill his soul contract – or to give that man his bread and take the lesson away and therefore cause someone else to have to provide the lesson to this person? Who will end the cycle? When will this human ever leave third dneisty if he or she is forever dependent on the things it has to offer? Will you be the one to guide them out – while remaining neutral to their third dneisty habits and dependencies – or will you simply provide them bread and be on your way? We need to come to grips as to what is actual human suffering and what is nothing more than habit and dependency in life – and few still dependent on the present system know the difference as of yet. Lets be guides to a new and better way shall we?

I am Daniel and I offer you these words to ponder.




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