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Posted: March 15, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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A local South African branch of the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) has been formed to purportedly free the people of South Africa from the shackles of a corrupt government and a tyrannical banking system.


Before the Champaign corks are popped, we must stress that similar “Common Law Movements” have existed for years. They all claim to set the world free. In the United States they are called “Sovereign Citizens” (now high on the FBI watch list) and in the UK they are called “Freemen on the Land.” These movements differ in application, but they share the same basic idea: A few hundred years ago, a group of shady people crafted a brilliant plan to enslave the human race: they created our modern banking system and secretly converted all people into corporations.

Movements of people embracing this kind of freedom ideology tend to be decentralised and non-violent. While followers usually represent just a small percentage of the overall population, this group is different. The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) is not only the newest, but it is also by far the largest movement of its kind. Visits to their various websites claim to be in the tens of millions and to say that this group is growing rapidly in South Africa would be a serious understatement. One person on the local OPPT Facebook page wrote:

“The time is NOW – THIS moment of NOW. We are ready to show our eternal hearts to the universe. We are READY… NOW!”


What the OPPT Stands for:

The South African government, like all other governments on Earth, is not legitimate. (Shock horror!)

Rather, The Republic of South Africa is a corporation masquerading as government. This corporation is registered in the United States of America on the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Thus, the corporation that is The Republic of South Africa is bound by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) of the United States, which is a codified body of private commercial law.

UCC law operates on the premise that “silence is guilt.” If you remain silent, then a creditor will proceed to take judgment against you for any money they believe is owed. However, according to the One People’s Public Trust, this trick works both ways. If you file certain documents, and the government / bank / corporation does not respond to them, then their silence means that your documents become a valid “judgment in commerce.” Once you have these documents, you become legally untouchable.

Here’s where things get a wee bit complicated. According to the OPPT, The Republic of South Africa corporation, like all countries, is bankrupt. Acts of parliament are therefore not laws, they are merely corporate rules. These rules are not created in the best interests of the people, they are designed to keep the corporation afloat while the bankruptcy is being administered. These rules are enforced by false courts that have nothing to do with justice, but are really just the extension of a corrupt banking system. OPPT subscribers believe there are only three laws which any human is required to abide by: 1. Don’t physically harm anybody. 2. Don’t steal from anybody. 3. Don’t cheat or mislead in an agreement. At any time, you can choose to be free of all other so-called “laws” and return to the simple life.

A corporation operating in bankruptcy is administered by its creditors – these of course are the banks. Banks planned this whole scheme when they secretly replaced real money (gold and silver coin) with their own proprietary “promissory notes.” Promissory notes facilitate the illusion of a money system, but this is nothing more than a ruse. Bankers now control the money supply and use it to steal the wealth of all nations via inflation and other means. Under our current and distorted monetary regime, debts cannot be paid because there is no real money to pay them: there is only the illusion of money. As such, we the people will be forever slaves to this corporate funny-money printing machine.

It gets a little stranger. Apparently, another term for corporation is “person.” This means that ordinary, everyday “persons” are considered corporations too. Let’s say that you are lost at sea and declared legally dead. If you return after five years, the system thinks you are dead. If you are actually alive, you would need to apply to the court to have your death rescinded. This separation between the legal person (ie. the corporation) and the real human being is critical for those wishing to understand the One People’s Public Trust. You have to realise that the bankrupt corporation called Republic of South Africa does not see you as a living person, it sees you as a dead corporation. It does not see life, it sees only contracts, statistics and ID numbers. The OPPT believes that you can return from the desert island of despair, prove that you are real and human, and then by the “Divine Creator” (yup, he’s in there too) and the “Law of One,” you will be freed from ever having to pay a phony debt again.

Now here is the kicker: OPPT subscribers believe that we, the people, are the assets of the corporation. In other words, the trading commodity of the Republic of South Africa corporation… is humanity.

Human slavery

When human labour produces something, like tin of tuna or a soccer stadium, a price tag is placed on it. These valuable commodities allow the corporation to borrow even more funny-money from banks (at interest), thus forcing the people to work even harder to produce more, to borrow more, to pay it back. The whole thing is an illusion, designed to trap us into submission. Now get this: people produce children, so those children are also considered commodities. Yes, you heard correctly, when a baby is born, it is considered an asset of the greedy government corporation.

Good news! There is a short cut to freedom. The UCC filings made by the One People’s Public Trust have apparently declared the Republic of South Africa corporation and all its banks, courts and subsidiary corporations officially foreclosed on. In fact, all the banks, courts, governments and corporations across the world no longer legally exist. Hooray! Finally, there is room for a new, fair government and money system and we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief.

There is just one a small, albeit temporary glitch. Most government and bank employees missed the memo explaining all this to them. So a Sheriff may, completely unwittingly of course, proceed to auction your home. If this happens, an evangelist of the OPPT would send a “Courtesy Notice” to the Sheriff / employee essentially saying: “Regretfully, the office you are working for has been foreclosed on by the One People’s Public Trust. Here is the proof. If you proceed to make a claim against me, or take away my property, you will be held personally liable for damages.” The letter includes a rather hefty fee schedule, just in case the ignorant heathen doesn’t believe a word of it. According to the fee schedule, this compensation must be paid in pure silver.

OPPT is rolling out across South Africa and a local “Creators Value Asset Centre (CVAC)” should be opening near you soon. And the cost? As it stands, no custodian of the One Person’s Public Trust will charge for their services. How can they when there is no money?

We are in absolute awe of the sheer number of people that are subscribing to this philosophy. However, it is uncertain just how Woolworths will respond to all this when the OPPT volunteers begin to feel a bit peckish.


OPPT South African Facebook page:!/groups/541466112560974/

International website:

We have been told that a local website is currently being constructed.


Official opinion of NewERA regarding this movement: “We do not have the resources available to fully investigate the legal authenticity of every movement that comes our way. We do, however, respect the vast numbers of people that are collectively engaging this particular ideology. Any NewERA Member who attempts to apply this information does so at their own peril and their own risk.”

Visit the site for more information:




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