We THE People And as Interim President, 13 March 2013 Initiate the orders of We THE People

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, NEWS, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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We THE People And as Interim President, 13 March 2013
Initiate the orders of We THE People

As Interim President, Commander in Chief in the Republican form of government it is the duty of this de jure office to ensure the orders issued to the United States Military are carried out within the proper time as required by We THE People of The United States of America.

To Chief of Staff of Joint Chiefs, Joint Chiefs, Field Generals, Admirals, Office of General Council for Pentagon, General Chairman, Secretary of the Navy, Trustees of the Constitution and Office of the Inspector General,

It has been observed by We THE People that those who have enlisted themselves into the service of We THE People have been shirking their duty by failure to comply with orders from the Republic Interim President. This order is the final order before charges of Contempt of the Constitution are lodged against all officers of the high command.

All US Corporate Private Contractors=Actors also known as Congressmen defined as Senators, and Representatives, Appointed Staff, President, President Cabinet, Staff and Advisors, Vice President, Vice President Staff and Advisors, All Secretaries of various Departments, all heads of Federal Agencies and supervisors, Department of Justice, all Judges and Staff, all of Home Land Security personnel and its affiliated agencies personnel are here by FIRED as of 1745 EST 13th March 2013.

The Inspector General is to order the Secretary of the Treasury to freeze all payment to all above listed positions and personnel occupying those positions effective 17:45 EST 13th March 2013.

The US Military is ordered to seat the Interim President in the White House effective immediately as of 17:46 EST 13th March 2013.

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