Ginger’s Notes on the Show (Mahalo, again, Ginger!!)

This was a very helpful fun show and Heather was able to technically be on it the entire time. Below are my notes and my apologies if anything stated below is incorrect. Blessings in Absolute Aloha, Ginger
The hosts perception of yesterday’s show was essentially about humanity needing to release it’s hierarchical savior dependency consciousness, that’s found even within the major Eastern religions. Heather, even though she has not listened to the show, saw it as the final bandage that had to be ripped off fast (and shockingly for many), in order to let the healing begin fast now.

*CVACs (Creator Value Asset Center) were a tool initially for us to claim our assets free of the PTW from stealing it. (therefore, it’s an inverted mirror of the old) It was a tool to take back the assets stolen from us by the Powers That Were, and give back to humanity.*
If you want a different result, change the formula . . . in other words, it’s each human’s job and it is critical to choose – to do/be or not do/be clearly – right now.
You have to KNOW you are “the Value”, and completely managing who you do and what you be. (or all it lost!) Each of us are to be Trustees of our own Value and Assets now.
*The precious metals, that now must be seen as equal to us, who just want to have fun . . . and we can attract them to us . . . to come out and PLAY now!*
For past 3 weeks, she has been keeping the PTW at bay from the CVACs, that are each of us and the system of treasury access to value . . . where each of us will come together to create whole new organic constructs and flow like a river.

The Treasury System will be up and out first. (no date was given when this will be ready)
The “CVAC system” was only a temporary placeholder. Now is the end of it’s original purpose.
We will have only _one_ temporary treasury system online for distribution of assets, open to evolve (and protected from the PTW), and not through the banks.
All court systems and banks will have to re-purpose themselves and if we wish to use them any longer, as it’s up to us to make certain they get it, if they do not already know. They are scared. So it’s up to us show them, ask them kindly . . . “would you like a lifeline today?” . . . and be liable for all you do now.
The experiment is over!
*She wants to close out “The OPPT Lost and Found” asap!*
“So come get your stuff (Value, sometime next week) and decide how you want to use it”
Everyone will have access to their value, in order to find their own passion freely, and the PTW’s old system will collapse . . ./ based upon what we choose to buy or not./
Those of us who will have (the first) access to our value/assets, will be setting the example (helping others be free around us) with this global opportunity. And since we are the ones who KNOW our value (first), we will also be by example, shifting human consciousness.
“We are systems of assistance by example of Value” (that will cause changes throughout the world).
“Serving in the most creative ways, is leading”. (and this is the best way to perceive how to assist others)
About 73 mins into show – “The Absolute Grid Access for one and all, is being prepared for access” . . . “A lot of moving behind the curtain . . .” – very interesting!
The Quantum Healing Hypnosis article – was what trustees had been doing 3 days prior – manifested by these others!
Brian clarified – “No stone left unturned” will be “The Absolute Data”(Truth), that will shift everyone quickly!
Bob reminded – The original meaning of suffering is “allowing” . . . the longest journey we will ever take is from our head to our heart.

Rather than the original plan of 194 CVAC global system centers, there will be only ONE “temporary treasury system” that will be available globally online. And this temporary system will be completely transparent and will not be able to be manipulated by the Powers That Were.
*What Heather is going to do now . . .*
*1. Energetically secure temporary global treasury system this week and get correct verbiage, then filed and secured. And then this energetic system takes about 72 hours to complete.*
*2. Next she will attend to all the physical stuff next week (putting it all online/internet website).*
*3. Then we will have access either in a twinkling, or just a bit longer (via using a usb stick, coins, digital, magnetic strip cards or ??? – our choice)*
Regarding Banks . . .
It’s _you_ who gets to determine who you want to play with and _on your terms_ – *you are THE BANK* *now* – you are the only one who can delegate your own value/assets! You are now the creditor! . . . /but you will not find Heather in one of them :)/
Again, each of us are to be the trustees (on all levels, systems and components of our BE-ing) of our own Value and Assets now. Period.
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