Love Removes Fear

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow
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wanders re-awakening

Fear paralyses our willpower. Learn to overcome it!

What is fear? Why does it overwhelm us at every stage of life?

Fear is the opposite of love. The Bible says, “Love casts away fear”. We might think that courage is the opposite of fear, but often, we can act with courage and still be fearful. When you fear something, you consider it unwelcome, challenging and a threat to your wellbeing. When you love something, you have exactly the opposite feelings. If you love doing something, it doesn’t mean that it does not require effort, talent, challenge and determination from you.

Take climbing Mt Everest. It would be fearsome for most people, but for those who take it on, somehow the love of adventure, the love of pushing themselves to the limit, and the love of triumph enables them to conquer the fear that ordinary people would have. So, fear is…

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