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As I have heard many people say within the walls of the One Peoples Public Trust that the CVAC’s are multidimensional I still cannot get my head around that and so I will not attempt to do so as we all have our own truth and no one persons truth is incorrect in that there is no original truth when it comes to creation. Everyone is free in life to create their own truth according to universal law – and as long as our creations fall within the perimeters of Universal law every human is free to create their own reality- no matter what that reality looks like. So in sharing truths upon our planet today think of a sphere or bubble that encompasses all the truths of a single human being with that being living inside that bubble – each human within their bubble is free in life to go mix with other bubbles and form another set of truths according to the collective agreement of the two.

So in a manner you see two bubbles of soap in life float in the air, then they bump together, and in some instances the two bubbles make a new and larger bubble. That is exactly the picture I am painting here when speaking of two humans forming a life and society together in which they come to an agreement based on their collective truths in life. No matter what truths each person has that are different, they can agree- while each human individually will still hold on to their own separate truths on which the two do not agree. So in saying these words I wish to convey to you that there will be things each of us do not totally agree on when coming together within the group known as the one Peoples Public Trust – but many truths we will indeed agree on – and these are the things we should be conscious of when dealing with one another within the perimeters and societies which represent the One Peoples Public Trust.

In time we will all come together more and more in agreement as our truths truly form to create other truths that will connect us all as a collective society. We should not so much get caught up in the details as to who knows what and how a thing should look or be understood in our new world system that is the CVAC’s as none of it will matter much anymore once the people are drawing their assets from the CVAC’s. Once all the Absolute Data is on the table for the world to see whenever they wish to see it – everyone will then have a foundation form which to base all of their truths on – while at the same time everyone still having the free will choice in life to live and believe as he or she wishes. We will be free to Create as well as Co –Create – depending on our differences and similarities in life.

In my post Universal Laws of Spheres I wrote that all and everything is made up of spheres of one type of consistency or another – as all bodies and forms in creation has a different density or consistency in order to form their level of matter or substance. And so you have spheres in the consistency of air – those of water and other liquids – those of fire – wind- and earth, which are hard in substance. And you have spheres that are formed by Source that are of all different substance and matter in between those that are hardest and those that are the least dense or soft in nature. Some are so elementary in nature that they are not seen or having their existence on our third dneisty plane simply because they exist in the spiritual plane or ethers. And so you have many differ orbs – bubbles- or spheres in creation that make up all things – and then every form, no matter how small in size is encompassed within its own protective sphere as well. And while that form exists within third dneisty it allows in those things that harm you also – simply because third dneisty human souls have temporarily separated from the one or Source.
As we all move toward reconnecting with the one or Source we too will all be encompassed within our own sphere – and once again it will become one for our complete protection. Because of this third density man (the outer shell we all live in) can still be harmed, still be killed, and still suffer many different forms of loss in life – just as it is today and has been from eternity. As each human awakens in the world today however they are once again under the protection of the one as is their body and form – given that they are now the inner man and no longer the outer body and form known as third dneisty man. Therefore for those who begin using the CVAC’s they will still have to deal with the old system for a time – until the day that human being ( all humans individually) comes to awaken and completely move over to becoming the inner and spiritual man that is fifth density human.

Once the human comes to awaken they are no longer in fear of those who still remain in the old system of things simply because they “know.” All that binds each of you to the old system of things and its laws and fears today is simply you not knowing who you are and what you are each truly capable of. At the same time I must tell you all that because the people or masses of the world today are in such dire straits today once they are given access to the CVAC’s and shown what they can do for them in life today – it is going to become so much easier for third dneisty man to awaken and move over to the new world, reality, and system. All their needs will be met – they will no longer have to work if they do not freely choose to do so – they will no longer be under the rule of some government – they will now have access to the best of health care and medicines in life – they will truly all receive a good education, and one that teaches them not only absolute data but anything in life they wish to learn.

The only reason third dneisty man (the old system) is not jumping on board with the new system of CVAC’s or nay other system that provides things equal in life today is that they are still broke and sick – they are still in fear of what the powers apparently ruling the world today can do to them if they do not abide by their laws and rules. The people do not know who to trust anymore and therefore the One Peoples Public Trust will first have to win their trust before they all agree to move over to the new system and Oppt out of the old one. But again because I tell you the people of the world now have it in mind that they will have nothing to lose if they try the CVAC’s that this thing is going to snowball in the coming days and we will have to look back really, really far to see the old system ever again. It is true that you will all have the ability in life to one day revisit third dneisty life for as short a time as you wish – but I promise you that most all human being never do as third dneisty will have nothing more to offer them but heartache and pain as they have to stand by and watch the suffering that is only seen in such a world and system as third dneisty. So get ready for a really great ride guys because the One peoples Public Trust has created a brand new roller coaster ride – and it will not stop until every human on the planet has had their turn and it only stops in and on fifth dneisty planet earth.

Now if you are wondering how the CVAC’s will work just look at it this way –everyone will have either a card that looks like your bank card or something similar – but you will have a device in your hand to allow you to go all over the world and purchase things to your hearts delight as the CVAC centers will look basically like a bank except for the fact that you never draw out money as there is no more money in the new system. Everything is digital and everything is transparent- in which case you can go to a CVAC center in your neighborhood and you can have access to everything and look at all their information if you wish as each of you is an equal member and trustee to the CVAC’s. In the old system you had paper money that was not worth a cent but you all thought it was and that is why it worked so well for all different types of exchange.

Well with the new CVAC system it will be the same in that you give someone who is supplying you either goods or services in life and they put your card into the digital system and in turn they will read within that system that you have all the assets you could need – in which case they do not deduct form your account as it would just all of a sudden jump back up to whatever total it was before because you do not lose value in the world nay longer but raise in value all the time- every day – and within every new now moment. So if paper money worked which had no true value other than the fact that the banks of the world told you it had value and took it form you whenever you offered it to pay for something or to put it into your account – how is that any different from a digital system that allows you to pay for goods and services as well with the a few little differences – you need no more credit and no actual physical money any longer. You do not lose assets in your account as it can be replenished whenever you wish it to be.
So as long as the CVAC center is there for you to make a digital account of all your transactions so that all things throughout the world within this new system is accounted for and transparent – there is no further need for money. The CVAC centers will act as the old banks ( though they are nothing like a bank) and instead of the old Federal Reserve printing worthless money and sending it out to the banks to loan to the world with interest – there will be equity instead of debt. And the CVAC centers will have already agreed to honor your CVAC card with your digital number on it and will therefore provide much value and assets to your account whenever you need it in life. Is it not so that as long as the card works and you get all the goods and services in life that you seek – that this is all that matters when moving over to the new system? So all we need do is spread the word and teach through out every day actions how to move over to the CVAC’s. It will get done and it will get done quickly in the days ahead – so get ready cause its coming fast.

So what about all the other issues in the world today – the people will say. And we will say hey as long as you are now free to go and do and be as you please in life as long as you harm no other or cause them loss in life is this not what we are all seeking today? And they will say — sign me up!

Love you guys —Daniel—


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