OPPT-IN Radio Show 3-4-13… “Courtesy Notices… The Newer Versions and Discussion(s) Thereof”… MP3s (and Ginger’s notes)

Posted: March 5, 2013 in CVACs, One People's Public Trust (OPPT), OPPT Radio/Video
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Below are my notes for this show – http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomreigns/2013/03/05/oppt-in

COURTESY NOTICE (about first 50 mins) – More clarification around how to use it properly individual to individual and one’s intent that needs to be for the greater good in using it. Sending an invoice, and when they have agreed (by responding creates a “contract”) but did not send any money (within contract). How one lady handled her bank debt that got results, without using a notice but right intent. About last week’s versions sent out, with new versions coming out today, including one you can print and fill out by hand. Can send to those still perpetuating the slavery system, as well as any harassment from police. Harm to one is harm to all. They are not entitled to do that under OPPT. And the last notice is for cases like Brockbrader whom is still unlawfully in jail.

CLEARING CONFUSION AROUND HEATHER’S (NEGATIVE) ACTIVITIES – (no, she was not the same name 25year old arrested for drunk driving, etc) Folks spinning tales who have not done their own research, or are just scared to directly ask for clarification, so making up negative mis-info.

STROUT’S TWO QUESTIONS – All responses are online (American Kabuki) by Heather. And why she did not use a lien (56mins).

CVACs – “Progress in rolling them out is being finalized both technically and funding-wise” . . . therefore, be ready and clear around what do you want to do with your assets that assists or supports your community or humanity in general you will need funding for? (we are each CVACs that collectively weaves together each our CVAC projects together globally, and or sharing their abundance into 3rd world countries, implementing social programs, Recovering Human-programming)

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS (at about 81mins) – Your authority comes from you (under OPPT) and you are the enforcer. (clearly some folks cannot understand that the Creator, us, and created this trust and appointed the Trustees who removed all obstructions with complete liability, therefore, each Human is now the Beneficiary, and that the role of the Trustees is to assist each Beneficiary to claim their Assets Equally – Read UCCs – “One People’s Secured” and “Order of Reconciliation” to understand better – and that now each of us is in charge, no longer under anyone or anything – each of us are now fully liable for our lives).

“Energetic Accounting” is always going on, but how it’s enforced is not up to us (so no longer using the “Treason Tracker” idea on oppt-in site, but only letting them know they are being watched) . . . as they played their role perfectly and are now off-script and the old play is over. Importance of Forgiveness. “Love One Another no matter what has happened in the past” – Brian K. Help them get the proper information they don’t know about yet. Noticing how the big things in the news are dying down and rolling to a stop now.

“. . . while we are waiting for the whole house of cards to come tumbling down” – Brian K.

AFTER 2HRS RECORDING, ON PHONE ONLY – Since all our current funding structures available (banks) have the ability to be manipulated, there will be a new system free from any corruption, and fully transparent to all. And it will be impart digital and coin for interim.

We have a big transformation to do first, before all exchanges will be energetic.

(Note, all attempts made by Heather to get on the show were diverted, but hopefully she will get on tomorrow’s The Collective Imagination BlogTalkRadio show 8pm EST/3pm HST, as “she has lots to share”)

Ginger’s website: http://www.meetup.com/Kona-Occupy-Disclosure


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