Posted: February 25, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)


Patch Adams is a Clown! I Love the man and his vision!


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patch_adams1Thanks to Maribel for sending this link.

This video and the article certainly lines up with my view of what “health care” should be about. “A clown nose a day keeps the doctor away! (no, wait, that IS the doctor)”


The Circus Comes To Town

Get ready to hear some truly great news you won’t hear on the nightly news.

We have been induced to believe that we individual citizens don’t stand a chance against vast corporate interests, especially when it comes to things like “health care.”

Two men, both very dedicated visionaries–Paul Glover and Patch Adams–are hoping to prove that wrong, with the formation of a new community based clinic, founded as a charity.

Bringing together all of their shared experiences in changing the world their own way, against all rules, Glover and Adams have designed America’s first FREE health clinic, now in the planning stages. It…

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