CVAC Musings – Owl Accepts liability – 24 Feb 2013

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, CVACs, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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8866693More CVAC Musings with Owl and OPPTopus!

OPPTopus:   Ahem,Owl…….OWL! I’d like to speak with you.

Owl:   Oh, yay, I love our talks OPPTopus.

OPPTopus:   I’m concerned about all this CVAC talk you’ve been doing; and, well, I’m afraid you just haven’t thought things through, and so I would like to talk with you about a few things.

Owl:   Don’t be afraid, OPPTopus. I almost NEVER think anything through.

OPPTopus:(And that’s why being your friend about gives me heart failure!) Now, you’ve got to start thinking of someone other than yourself. You can’t just go around in your own little world like this.

Owl:   Okay, OPPTopus. (*turns off music*)  What would you like me to think about?

OPPTopus:  Liability. L-i-a-b-i-l-i-t-y. It’s a serious matter, Owl. Any time you start any sort of venture, that’s the first thing you’ve got to think about.

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  1. my friend Angel~ tis me, OLDSOUL on AK. We spoke briefly. I am looking forward to see “success” stories. Have you heard of one as of yet? That is what we need to see. Namaste, Shieena

    • Hey Shieena, been seeing the filings of the courtesy filings. Remember, the goal is ignorance or waiver agreement returned. Just BE & DO. Place your energy at just BEing. Remember, we are guided by Creator, in our eternal hearts and walk in the Love from Creator Source, which “I Am” ! We are All One. Focused Conscious Energy from “I Am” Creator Source in which you embody, HERE, NOW, ETERNALLY.

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