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OPPT – One People’s Public Trust

Public Notice: Whatever actions the Trustees of the One People’s Public Trust have taken, does not represent me nor my family. We had no awareness of this effort and gave no approval nor authorization for these people to represent us.
Editor, AntiCorruption Society


AL Whitney, AntiCorruption Society
February 23, 2013

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2013
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and the AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged

planet earth iOne People’s Public Trust (OPPT) has recently been presented to a relatively small – but well informed – group as the “perfected superior trust”.  All those involved (as participants and as observers) are concerned with the growing effort by the Global Elite Scum of the Earth to create a one world government (OWG), with themselves in charge, of course. Lots of good people are hopeful that this trust would put a stop to this rapidly advancing fascist one world government plan.

Here is the Press Release regarding the One People’s Public Trust

On 2-15-13 one of the OPPT trustees, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf explained this recently established trust that supposedly encompasses the entire planet, including all life and all land, to Max Igan in a roundtable discussion. This discussion was recorded and shared with many (thousands?) people.

This recording is just a little over an hour and can be heard here: roundtable discussion

The following are direct quotes of Heather Tucci during this interview:

“UCC [Uniform Commercial Code] is involved with every aspect of life.”

Heather (38:19) “In fact all of the Land Titles – cause those are all sitting at BIS for the Vatican – all of those land titles were actually cancelled all across the globe. So right now the banks have no standing legal or lawful. Everything is held with Earth as its superior custodian Because it’s as source, God, Allah or Yahweh, what ever you want to call it has put it. So right now there is only three custodians and that is how the land titles are actually going to be changed. Instead of ownership it is actually going to be a co-custodian type of situation where if I want to go buy a piece of land I’m not purchasing ownership of the land I’m putting down earnest money, a bond, that I’m going to take care of that piece of land in harmony with Earth and how it grows itself naturally. So there is a big shift in perception. So people will still be able to have their experiences on their properties and be responsible for the properties But as the same time it is not going to be in a slavery type of system which the powers that were had created.”

Heather (40:21) “I would also like to disclose the person that helped me understand what all that was, was actually a trustee with the Rothschild’s family holdings.”

Not Heather, but another promoter (44:45) “Everyone is assigned equal value under the concept of the CVAC, so there is no rich or poor there are just equitable humans.”

“There’s gotta be a value for value exchange.”

Heather (46:34) ” . . . to have that opportunity for all of the opportunities all the data to be put on one table and let people chose as they want to BE.

You get out of the system what you put into it. If you’re not putting any value into the system than you have no right to take any value from the system.”


The single most important fact that Heather revealed was the participation of an individual representing a certain family’s trust. Heather admitted that the Rothschild’s helped her set this up. Let me repeat, HEATHER ADMITS THE ROTHSCHILDS HELPED HER SET UP THIS TRUST!

She also admitted she negotiated with banksters. Heather blames all of the problems on planet Earth on the corporate “system”, not on Rothschild’s satanic criminal central banking cartel that has grown out of usery and their ability to create money out of nothing.

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It’s good to see the discussion of OPPT being held in contrast.  Remember if OPPT resonates with you, then DO THE RESEARCH and EDUCATE YOURSELVES.  Listen and read everything on OPPT so you may make an informed decision, not with your mind/ego, but with your heart/intuition.  When the two are in agreement, BE and DO!  WE ARE ALL ONE… BOTH LIGHT AND  DARK TOGETHER IN BALANCE – UNITY…



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