CVAC Musings – A CVAC is Born 22 Feb 2013

Posted: February 22, 2013 in CVACs, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

Another great dialog between Owl and OPPTopus.  Enjoy…

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I am soooo excited! You will never, ever guess what we just did! My friends and I just made a real live CVAC!

Picture OPPTopus:   You what? Have you been on OPPTBook again?

Owl:   Oh, hi OPPTopus, I didn’t realize you were listening. No, I haven’t had time to go to OPPTBook in awhile because I’ve been talking to my 3D life friends about the OPPT and CVACs!

OPPTopus:   Oh, no…you’re saying you started a CVAC for real?

Owl:   Yes, and we didn’t even mean to! It just popped out of thin air while we were talking!

OPPTopus:   Hold the phone, Owl. You can’t just start a CVAC!  *head shake*  Do the OPPT Trustees know what you’re doing?

Owl:   Well no, OPPTopus, how could the Trustees know? We just did it last night.

OPPTopus:   Owl, what on earth makes you think you could just go out and start up a CVAC, snap, just like that? That’s just not how it works.

Owl:   How come, OPPTopus?

OPPTopus:   Because you haven’t done any research, that’s how come. And you haven’t gotten any Absolute Data to go by. You’ve got to know what you’re doing first before you just go out and start a CVAC. Research, research, research…

Owl:   Didn’t Heather say that each “eternal heart” is already a CVAC?

OPPTopus:   (Oh, there you go with the “eternal heart” stuff again.) Yes, Heather did say that, I believe.

Owl:   So if I’m a CVAC and three of my friends are each CVACs, and we join cooperatively to help our community learn about OPPT, doesn’t that make us a four person CVAC?

OPPTopus:   There’s more to it than that, Owl. Heather also said you have to be bonded.

Owl:   Yeah, I didn’t understand that part very well….

OPPTopus:   Being bonded is when you hire a bonding company to cover your liabilities if you screw up on the job; like having an insurance policy. And the Trustees haven’t talked about that much.

Owl:   Oohh, I remember. She was talking about how to live free without being picked on by the public officials who don’t know we’re free.

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