Welcome to the Quest!  In truth, although we talk about it for just one week each month, it is ongoing.  Life is the Ultimate Quest.
There is so much to look at that I am not sure where to focus.  Personally and globally we are being asked to declare what we know and who we are.  There is only Truth.  It rests in two words.  I am.
Embracing truth is another thing altogether.  Whether you are aware of it consciously or not, you are, with each decision, choosing.  We’ve heard about this next dimension.  With our own set of beliefs and expectations, we each began this transformational year.  It has been just two months since our ascension experience.  We are firmly and absolutely in the next dimension.  What it feels like is up to you.  Contrast is everywhere.  As One, we experience individual lives.
On these monthly journeys we’ve explored love.  Love is Truth.  Love is Freedom.  Love is us.  What does that even mean?  This is the year we are going to find that out.  “Walk your Talk.”  How do you “walk” Love?
Most mornings you’ll find me at a local school where my son studies jazz.  There is a blind young man there each day; walking the neighborhood with an aide and a cane.  I’ve watched him for six months now.  At first the aide was right next to him with hands on and verbal instructions.  Today, she’s several paces behind not saying much.  He is leading the way with a huge smile on his face.  One day he’ll walk on his own.  Freedom.
In order to walk the Truth, we will need to give up our personal aide.  What is your slavery/ownership crutch?  Until you are willing to drop it, you are not free.
This is a process.  A year ago, we didn’t remember the truth of our BEing.  We have a lifetime entrenched in laws and debt and ownership and rules and shoulds and shouldn’ts.  We are, right this very moment, defining what Love looks like as it walks around in this new dimension.
What do you have to let go of?  To feel the fullness of Agape you must stand unencumbered.  It is a scary thing, to realize you walk alone here.  Yet, this is a physical incarnation.  The journey you are on now began with your first breath and will end with your last.  No other being does that for you.  It is you, all you, nothing but you.  Who are you?
You are a spark of eternity, birthed from Source.  You are equal in every way to kings and criminals, popes and prophets, beggars and beauty queens.  Anything written or spoken that claims ownership or control over you is illusion.  All are One.  There is no hierarchy of worth.
As we begin this month, consider the “ties that bind”.  Whether they be rings, contracts, numbers, debt or laws does not matter – they signify ownership at some level.  You are an eternal bit of Love, unable to be bound.  You have pretended, in a game of slavery, to be less.  You are so much more than you know.
Realize that as you consider letting go of things, rings, rules and obligations – you are not changed.  You will always honor the truth of your BEing.  You cannot help but BE.  No, you will not change, yet you will BEcome the fullness of who you are; a fascinating, individual, indescribable and gorgeous bit of Love.
Like the caterpillar, you have built around yourself a cocoon, holding you in one place so that all of your focus could rest on what you came to do – transform.  It is time to fly.
You are the One you’ve been waiting for.
See you tomorrow,
Video link at American Kabuki:

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