SaLuSa 2-22-13… “It Is More Important Than It Ever Was To Keep Focused On The Outcome Of The Changes”

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, NEWS
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From our perspective it is never too late for a soul to change tracks, and they would be welcomed back as it is not our place to be the judge of their past lives. It is for this reason that we have previously asked you to hold back judgment of any other soul who remains in the dark, but rather be one who endeavors to lift them up by giving of your love. Darkness is the absence of Light, and you who are Lightworkers can change that situation without imposing yourself upon another soul.


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salusa_star80Another SaLuSa today. I found a good deal of uplift from this one.


  • The pressures you are putting on your authorities, leaves them in no doubt you are not going to sit back and allow the old ways to continue.
  • Fortunately following the recent inflows of energy that have lifted people up, there is a calming affect produced by those who have taken them into their being, and are able to project Love and Light on to situations.
  • Much more will be gained by bringing out the best in people, rather than causing confrontation with those in power.
  • [The dark ones] are being picked off one at the time and it is weakening their ability to carry through with their plans.
  • You still have plenty of work to do bring the New Age into being, but it is becoming easier as you have an immense back up from us…

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