CVAC Musings – CVAC united states of america – 20 Feb 2013

Posted: February 21, 2013 in CVACs, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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I am still wiping tears from my eyes. I looked at a document that D. from Removing the Shackles posted yesterday because everyone was saying, Ooo, this is “vital.” Tears started almost right away. You can read it by clicking here. Part three (III) is the part that has to do with CVACs. Heather talks about this document for almost three hours on the radio and you can click here to listen to her.Okay, so now I’ll tell you what happened when OPPTopus came back from his dip. (You can read the beginning of that conversation by clicking here if you missed it.) This was the second part of our conversation:

Owl:   Wowee. I like CVACs more and more every day, OPPTopus. So, tell me more about the united states of America CVAC!

OPPTopus:   Well you see, Owl, the Trustees needed a structure that would give their work legal standing with the PTW.

Owl: PTW?

OPPTopus: The powers that were. You know, those sidewinding huscksters we call Illuminati.

Owl: Ohh, yeeah, the ones who are teaching us all about forgiveness.

OPPTopus: *cough, cough, cough*

Owl: You alright, OPPTopus?

OPPTopus: *cough* Yeah, uh…of course, Owl. Well, yes forgiveness….

Owl: So, you were saying the Trustees wanted a structure that would give them a legal right to do what they were doing. So the PTW wouldn’t stop them?

OPPTopus: Yes. You see, that way if the PTW said what the Trustees were doing was illegal, they would have to admit that what they were doing was illegal too. Because it was all under UCC law. And they couldn’t do that or their whole gag would fall apart, hehehe. Ahhh, love it. Anyway, the Trustees were using their own rules against them. And the structure they formed to do what within was the CVAC, united states of America.

Owl: *scratching head* So, what about all we’ve been hearing about an interim government and all that?

OPPTopus: That was a ruse, Owl. A way for the PTW to maintain control while appearing to give the people what they wanted. The country would have remained a corporation, unbeknownst to the people, and in a few years we would all be back to the same place.

Owl: So now the united states of America CVAC is there for the people to decide how to use?

OPPTopus: Yup, you got that right, Owl.

Owl: But what will keep it from being turned back into a corporation and us being tricked again?

OPPTopus: That’s the beauty of all this, Owl. It’s called “Absolute Data.” It means that in order to form a CVAC, all there is to know about something needs to be laid out in the open. And that’s what the Trustees did. They collected all the Absolute Data about our Nation and the World’s history, the underbelly of it all, and put it together to be presented to We the People.

Owl: Heather calls us “eternal hearts,” OPPTopus, not “We the People”.

OPPTopus: Well, my name isn’t Heather so I can call us whatever I want. *mumble*

Owl: So, our government was based on lies and secrets and Absolute Data uncovers it all?

OPPTopus: Yes, well, we never really had a government, we had a coporation. And lying and keeping secrets was the only way to make the scheme work. The people never would have allowed their own slavery had they understood how they’d been trapped.

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