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On Wednesday I was on Orion Talk Radio, for a program called Morning Brew, hosted by Gwen Caldwell to discuss OPPT. After the live recording I was told there were over 1M+ live listeners representing over 10 countries. Considering the popularity of the show and the gravity of the content, we were invited back every Wednesday until this information gets out in the open for the whole world to see. (Links to that show and future shows will follow this post)
The objective is to duplicate this process as many times over as possible. We have plenty of very qualified OPPT insiders who are already standing by for broadcast duty. Let’s just say, too many requests for interviews is a very good problem to have 🙂
Here is your mission should you choose to accept it:
1. Gather contact emails from all of your local, regional and national media outlets (i.e. talk radio programs, online news sites, newspapers, popular news blog sites, etc.). The more the better.
2. Create an email and title it “Public Trust Forecloses on Major Corporations.”
3. Manually input all the email addresses into the “BCC” field, so that the recipient list is kept private. Make sure to include a copy of the Press Release, as well as Courtesy Notice and Instructions.
4. Before hitting send, (if this resonates with you) say this out loud: “angels, archangels, spirit guides, great beings of light, please guide this email to any and all recipients who are ready to receive it. Let these words open up a portal of truth and transparency within the hearts and minds of all those who may read the content of this message. I thank you in advance that this is so, and so it is. So BE it.”
5. Hit “send” baby.
6. Pat yourself on the back for your incredible DO’ing and BE’ing.
7. Grab some popcorn and watch as the firework show continues to light up the night…
Brian Kelly
(619) 709-2083


To disperse this wealth, OPPT formed 194 Creator’s Value Asset Centers that supplant corporate governments. http://oppt-in.com/cvac/
CVACs are a powerful system using mechanisms already put in place, paid for, and built by the people.
Soaring OPPT Movement
Lends Ear to Record Live Listenership
The One People’s Public Trust followers flock to hear founders and faces of the organization on the radio. The movement is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • OPPT had a record one million + live listeners worldwide on The Morning Brew Show Feb 13th. Here is the link to the show: http://is.gd/t8Bb1v
  • OPPT broke a second record with 190,000 live listeners on Freedom Reigns week of Feb 11th, up from 145,000 live listeners the previous week.
  • A google search for “One People’s Public Trust” currently produces 33M results in .28 sec
Radio Credits:
Morning Brew, www.oriontalkradio.com with
Brian Kelly of OPPT-in.com as recurring guest
Wednesdays starting Feb 13, 2013 at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. Host Gwyn Caldwell invited OPPT back as special guests every Wednesday until this story becomes mainstream, achieving transparency and disclosure!
Tuesday Evenings in the US, Wednesday Evenings in Australia
Lisa Harrison, Chris Hales, Bob Wright,  Santos Bonacci, D, Brian Kelly, and OPPT roundtable.
Freedom Reigns on BlogTalkradio
Monday Evenings in the US, Tuesday Evenings in Australia
Lisa Harrison, Chris Hales, Bob Wright, D, Brian, AK, Lois Tucci, and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.
Surviving the Matrix on CrowHouse.com
Host Max Igan OPPT podcast: http://www.thecrowhouse.com/021413.html
Please contact Brian Kelly with any questions, or to schedule an interview.
GREAT JOB BRIAN!  More information at:
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