Montague Keen 2-17-13… “It Would be Hard to Find a More Corrupt Institution [than the Vatican]”… “The old order is on the way out, never to rule again. Rejoice, peace beckons!”

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow

Kauilapele's Blog

monty_montague_keen17It has been a bit of a while since I posted a Monty. But now feels like the time, especially with Pope’s falling, and Bishops conclaving, and the Vatican getting hit by lightning, and whatever else those “infallible” types get into after a falling Pope episode. But this one was “special”, probably because we are nearing the end of “The Pope as Ultimate Guru of the World” phase.

This is a powerful Monty.

Some of the statements in here (e.g., “Stop supporting those who have brought humanity to its knees. It is time to stand tall.”) could very well be said to align with the OPPT, and what has been going on there. No doubt.


  • …I told you many years ago, that the Vatican had to fall. Now, you are seeing it happen. This is the beginning of what you have all been waiting for.
  • Though child abuse…

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