Poofness 2-17-13…”The Signs of the Times…”

Posted: February 17, 2013 in NEWS


Kauilapele's Blog


  • …this past week produced some things that tell you there is nothing ‘normal’ afoot.
  • …what’s coming at the world with these global settlements… Even DC has to wait on the button to get pushed and in many instances they know less than I do.
  • One group has the power to release the accounts, not any politicians, kings or queens…not even the pope.. the gold has already been moved to the 6 new trading zones around the world.
  • This is not about politics… This is about world justice for humanity and the world marshals will be enforcing the new global accords.
  • We’re in good shape and our freedom will come like that lightning bolt that hit the vatican. Sudden, little to no warning.
  • Don’t try any creative ventures to get around the new stuff, you will fail. They will shut you down.
  • The rvs, drops, and announcements will come almost…

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