Project Obolix – Cleaning the Atmosphere of Chemtrails and more…

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow
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What is Project Obolix?

Project Obolix was started by the creator of the Obolix. A gentleman, who goes by Ea, invented the atmospheric cleaner in 2010. Here is a link to a very short presentation of Project Obolix.


How does the Obolix Clean Our Atmosphere?

The crystal becomes a generator of sorts (prodigious obolix) when properly combined with gold, silver, aluminum, copper along with some good intent and much love. It causes the atmosphere to be charged in such a way to remove heavy metals and chemtrails. This video shows the results of how it works.

How do I make an Obolix?

This 55 second video gives a very brief introduction on making an Obolix.

This video is 6 minutes long and provides more details on making your own Obolix.


Does the Obolix Really Work?

Here is another video of some trials as the effectiveness of the Obolix.

Choosing the Right Crystals

This short video recommends Amethyst and Smokes Crystals for making your Obolix.

Project Obolix Network

Bridges for Archangels

This is a movie to meditate the effects of the prodigious obolix cleaning our atmosphere, even if the medias do not cover, or cover up better said, this incredible event taking place, using the atmospherical cleaner to make nice pictures and NOT tell you about it…

We ARE cleaning the smog of this earth and the waters get cleaner each day and as the medias will not tell you this marvel you have to TRY to SEE how well it works.


  1. thank You For Including The Picture Of My Obolix 🙂 I Didn’t Realize When I Took It That The Fish Would Look So Cool!

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