Posted: February 13, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

Love this one is for you!

Alternativeaction Blog

Dear Friends,

What you are about to read must go viral to everyone you know – it is our apathy, ignorance and unwitting complicity that is allowing our country’s sovereignty to be destroyed and for the British people to become debt-slaves to the banking elite. The time has now come to go for the proverbial jugular and to end this utter madness once and for all by demanding one simple action to be taken by Cameron and Osborne.

Please read what follows carefully and if you are angered like the rest of us, then please forward on to everyone you know without fail. Whether they be business people, trade unionists, members of the WI, local and national media, it matters little, what is important is that this little known information about our money supply gets out fast and furious. There is also every good reason to believe that a new…

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