No 67 – RTS: TRANSCRIPT – Collective Imagination Program – 29 / 30 January 2013

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, CVACs, One People's Public Trust (OPPT), OPPT Radio/Video

“Heather: Right. No it’s like you said, if you look at our filings, especially the Notice of Declaration of Fact – you said something very key that, it’s just a matter of thought, a matter of action, and putting it on paper just enters it into the systems. Basically that have all been foreclosed on now… and when you look at our paperwork that is absolutely recognized.

When you enter something into Law Ordinance… Law Ordinance is creation – the laws of creation… and then you have Universal Law Ordinance and you notice that by action. And then all we did was take all of that… that already exists… that always is, and entered into what we call International Law Ordinance, which includes all of these states and nations and everything we just foreclosed on. So it is a matter of energy; bringing it into the different levels.

Most people don’t think beyond international for the collective conscious; although they’re starting to move things to all the holding of the space by you guys and your listeners. Holding that space of understanding, we are much more than just our bodies, we are much more than just this planet and there’s a greater going on here, a greater BE’ing going on. So, the Public Trust is not ignorant to those things, in fact they are very much a part of everything we did. That was the reason we were able to take it back to Prime… but then again, a matter of just being open to recognizing Prime right?”


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