D.C. Appeals Court to Obama: YOU ARE DONE!

Posted: January 31, 2013 in NEWS


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has sent a message: Obama, under U.S. constitutional law, you are done! The court’s decision on January 25th, regarding recess appointments, is a judgement on the excessive and perpetual violation of U.S. constitutional law by the Obama administration, an administration whose abuse of power now consists of several breaches of U.S. federal principle.

If Obama were not to be immediately removed, his continued presence in high office threatens the world with chaos and extinction. The action taken by the D.C. appellate court demonstrates the U.S. constitutional system at work, coherent with the Founders’ principle of separate but equal branches of federal powers for the defense of the integrity of the Republic. It comes at a time when the legislative branch, despite few, lone actions, has failed to address and redress the excess of executive powers abusively exerted since Andrew Jackson’s destruction of the National Bank, and especially since the British-Saudi orchestrated attack on 9/11.

This decision must be the shot across the bow, after which further aggressive actions are now swiftly taken to restore the principle of the General Welfare today and for the posterity, to which our Constitution is dedicated.


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