Posted: January 31, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

COMMENT BY: Angel Lucci

I highly recommend this to anybody having problems with loans right now that want to verify you were loaned actual money when you went to the bank. All currencies are unlawful right now!

  • “From the old paradigm banking position, right now, the People’s Trust and the One People, All Equally, have the only valid, lawful, legal commercial paper worth anything on the Planet! And as far as what’s backing it, truly what’s backing it is Prime Value, but as of right now, all the gold, silver and precious metals is backing it!”

– Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, 1:48:30 – 1:49:00 of the following discussion:


Alternativeaction Blog

I received this document as an attachment in an email from NewEra, please help to spread it far and wide. Thank you.

PO Box 102405 Moreleta Plaza, 0167
South Africa
Tel: 082 515 1496
Fax: 086 558 2311

The NewERA highly recommends that everyone ask their bank the following 10 questions.

Included are reasons why, in our opinion, the banks refuse to answer them.


1.  Am I indebted to the bank right now? (Please answer yes or no).

2.  Please confirm that the bank actually possessed the money they claim to have lent me, prior to my loan being granted. In other words, did the bank physically have the money they lent me, prior to the money appearing in my account?

3.  Would the bank be prepared to amend the credit agreement as follows: “We, the bank, did in fact possess the money we loaned you, prior…

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